Sri Lankan Gentlemen Scalp and Dismember Fellow Vibrant in Parisian Restaurant

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2018

There is a phenomenon in France known as “Paris syndrome.”

Paris syndrome is a form of culture shock in which certain travelers, mostly Asian, visit Paris for the first time and are traumatized to discover that it didn’t meet their expectations.

You see, the Asian tourism industry depicts Paris as a romantic city filled with African rapists, gypsy beggars and Moslem “no-go” zones. They wax lyrical about the kebab stores, the mosques and the fact that cultural enrichment lurks in the shadows of every side street.

But when Asians come to Paris and discover that it’s actually filled with opera houses, art galleries and unwashed Frenchmen in striped shirts and berets who refuse to learn English, well… the thousands of angry TripAdvisor reviews speak for themselves.

Mercifully, the French government are aware of this problem and are taking steps to address it. The biggest step made to date was to open the borders of France to the Third World so that the people who make nations great – darkies – can work their magic.

As we can see, it’s working.


In what has been described as a dispute between rival Sri Lankan migrants, two men attacked another with a machete, scalping him and cutting off his arm in a Paris restaurant.

The attack occurred on Monday evening at a restaurant in the 10th arrondissement of the city not far from the heavily migrant populated area of La Chapelle in northern Paris, broadcaster RTL reports.

Two attackers, both wearing hoodies and covering their faces, were said to have stormed into the establishment at around 9:30 pm armed with a machete and a sabre. The pair immediately attacked the victim, cutting at his scalp as well as cutting off one of his hands and his arm.

The 35-year-old victim, who is also a member of Paris’s Sri Lankan community, is said to be in critical condition at a local hospital as a result of the attack. A source within the police force has claimed that the motive for the brutal attack is likely related to settling scores within the community.

Only a week later, three migrants from African island nation of Cape Verde were arrested in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois after they attacked a man at random one evening.

The three migrants kicked, punched, and bit off parts of the man’s ear, cheek, and lip and are said to have eaten the pieces. All three have been brought up on cannibalism charges.

Scalpings, dismemberments, cannibalism… these are the stones from which Paris was built, people.

I feel sorry for the Parisians born in the 1950s. They grew up in a city that was so lacking in color that everything was in black and white:

Fortunately, current demographic trends indicate that younger Parisians will never have to endure the bland Paris in which their parents and grandparents were raised. The most colorful people alive are pouring into the city at an astonishing rate, and the international travel industry is taking notice of the transformation.

Hopefully, in time, those rich Asian tourists will return.