Sri Lanka: Buddhist Diversity Clashes with Moslem Diversity Because of Irrational Hatred for the Color of the Religion

Daily Stormer
March 8, 2018

This is just irrational hatred for the color of the religion

I don’t really understand why this is happening.

It’s like the more moslems there are in one place, the more ignorant people become about them.

This is surely some part of the legacy of colonialism or the Holocaust or something.

There’s no other rational explanation when you consider that all races, ethnicities, cultures and religions in the world are exactly same – hence why diversity is our greatest strength.

The Independent:

Sri Lanka has declared a state of emergency after a sudden spike in violence against Muslims in a central town, and amid fears the unrest could spread to other parts of the country.

President Maithripala Sirisena said the declaration would “empower” the country’s armed forces and police to respond to clashes in the hill town of Kandy.

Wait a minute, I think I’m starting to understand…

Diversity is our greatest strength because the non-stop conflict gives a lot of experience to your army and police!

Makes perfect sense.

Also, these fuckers have the most annoying names ever, seriously if I were their governor or whatever it was called when they were a part of the British empire, I would’ve forced them all to be called “George.”

The state of emergency would be put in place for an initial 10 days, a government spokesman said, following an emergency cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning. Special measures would be enforced “to prevent the spread of communal riots”.

On Monday, Buddhist mobs swept through the town and burnt down at least 11 Muslim-owned properties. It came amid claims that a Buddhist man was reportedly killed by a group of Muslims.

So all the poor Moslems did was kill someone for no apparent reason, and the Buddhists wanted revenge for it?

Civilized people like, say, the British, don’t riot even when their entire country is turned into a giant Moslem rape camp, not only because of how tolerant and enlightened they are, but because they understand diversity is their greatest strength.

 The clashes raised the spectre of ethnic violence in a country where, just nine years ago, the government ended a decades-long civil war with ethnic Tamil separatist rebels.

Their diversity is multi-faceted too, not just Moslems VS Buddhists.

Kandy has seen a flare-up of violence in recent years as extremist Buddhist organisations have risen in prominence. Sri Lanka as a whole has long been divided between the majority Sinhalese, making up 70 per cent of the population and who are overwhelmingly Buddhist, minority Tamils who are mostly Hindu and make up 13 per cent, and around 9 per cent of people who are Muslims. The country has a population of 21 million.

70% of the same race and religion?

That sounds terribly oppressi… Oh wait, no, they’re not White, so it’s okay.

Professor Shlomo told me in his “How Whitey stole the pyramids” class that it’s okay.

Sri Lanka remains deeply scarred by its 1983-2009 civil war, when Tamil rebels fought to create an independent homeland. While the rebels were eventually crushed, a religious divide has taken hold in recent years, with hard-line Sinhalese groups accusing Muslims of forcing people to convert to Islam and destroying sacred Buddhist archaeological sites.

 Some Buddhist nationalist groups have also protested against the presence of Rohingya Muslim refugees in Sri Lanka. The Rohingya have fled majority-Buddhist Myanmar to neighbouring countries in their hundreds of thousands, with Buddhist nationalism also on the rise in Myanmar.

*Checks Wikipedia*

Okay, Buddhists are a majority in both countries, and the “victims” are Moslems, so it’s the Buddhists’ fault, not the Moslems’.

I’m so glad CNN taught me how the world works!

The unrest began after a Buddhist truck driver died on Sunday, days after he was involved in an altercation with four Muslims.

Officials say the cause of the argument remains unclear, but after his funeral on Monday, a Sinhalese mob gathered and attacked Muslim shops and houses.

The body of a young Muslim man was found in one of the burnt-out houses early on Tuesday, police said.

I really hope the Sri Lankans will eventually get past this hateful Islamophobia, whose roots can be found in apartheid and slavery in the US south.

After all – science has proven that we’re all the same, so there’s no reason why we can’t all love each and stop hating each other.

Notice how the one in the wheelchair is always White – that’s what White Supremacy looks like. I literally just noticed that a few minutes ago.

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