Sri Lanka Bombing Officially Buried by Jewish Media

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2019

For those who don’t know what Google News is, it’s an aggregator that monitors all top news sites and orders the news based on the most written about topics and the most viewed stories. It has the best algorithm to do this of any on the internet.

By scanning it, you can get a very good idea of what the entire mainstream media is talking about at any given time.

Here are last night’s top stories:

Here are this morning’s top stories:

The story of the Sri Lanka Easter bombing is completely buried.

It was buried as soon as it became no longer viable for them to continue to pretend that it was all a mystery.

The Buddhist Sri Lankan government wasn’t interested in going along with the media’s narrative about “local groups” targeting “Easter Worshippers” out of “hatred for humanity,” and said it was Moslems killing Christians out of hatred for Christianity, and that it wasn’t simply “local groups,” but groups that were linked in to the international Islamic terrorist mafia.

We are being told by the Jewish media that Christians are evil, the international bad guys and oppressors, while Moslems are the religion of peace, the victims of the hatred and oppression of the White Christian Patriarchy which is responsible for all suffering on earth.

Sri Lanka didn’t fit the narrative – and in fact implied the opposite – so it is officially buried.

If you needed more evidence that Jews are satanic, hellbent on destroying Christianity, here it is.

I think it is high time that Christians subscribed to PewDiePie and took up their sword in defense of the faith.