Sputtering Swamp-Ape Attacks Glorious Leader as Russian Secret Agent!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2016

Leading Swamp-Ape Baricku Obombo has attacked the Glorious Leader of the White Race with vicious slander relating to a fake news hoax that has gone viral on the internet.

Appearing late night on a failing late night talk show, the aggressive mongrel sounded-off about the fringe theories he has internalized.

Fox News:

The brief era of good feelings between President-elect Donald Trump and his soon-to-be predecessor may be over, with President Obama sounding off Monday night on Trump’s reluctance to receive regular intelligence briefings and further questioning the “relationships” between Russian officials and members of Trump’s campaign team.

Trump told “Fox News Sunday” he receives intelligence briefings “when I need them” and criticized many of the reports as repetitive.

On “The Daily Show” Monday night, Obama said shunning a daily intel briefing is like “flying blind.”

Obama also followed up on criticism leveled earlier in the day by Press Secretary Josh Earnest regarding the Trump team’s Russia connections, amid reports that Moscow meddled in the race to boost Trump.

“You had what was very clear relationships between members of the President-elect’s campaign team and the Russians and a professed shared view on a bunch of issues,” Obama said.

Here, the Swamp-Ape refers to a discredited conspiracy theory spread by controversial websites such as nytimes.com and washingontonpost.com.

On the show, he referred to the claims as if they were a fact, demonstrating that he lives in a deranged fantasy world.

Though the theory often shifts, the basic concept is that Donald Trump is an agent in an international communist conspiracy. The spread of the theory has sparked concern among watchdog groups that fake news is leading to an extreme crisis, and has led to calls for Donald Trump to have thousands of Jewish journalists rounded-up and interned in concentration camps or simply gassed in fake shower rooms.