Spurs Coach Says White Race Doesn’t Exist – But Must be Destroyed Anyway

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2017

San Antonio Spurs coach, a sloppy white guy named Gregg Popovich, is out talking down to white people during this NFL drama (I guess just because he’s also a white guy involved in a mostly black sport).

He has declared that according to recent literature, the white race doesn’t really exist.

I’m not sure what recent literature he’s referring to. Franz Boas died almost a century ago. Most “recent literature” is saying we have to deal with the “uncomfortable fact” that race does exist. Nicolas Wade’s “A Troublesome Inheritance” for instance still hasn’t been responded to by any serious biologist who disagreed with it being published. The only response has been “BUT U CAN’T SAY THAT!!!!!1111”

Regardless of his tenuous understanding of current trends in human biological science, however, Popovich feels strongly that white people must be punished and ultimately destroyed because of our “privilege.”

It is extremely bizarre that this sort of talk has reached the level of sports coaches.

Popovich says “the discussion has to take place” – that people don’t want to talk about this “white privilege” because it’s “uncomfortable.”

In actual fact, there is no “talking about” it. It is talked about to you, in the form of whining – just as he whines in this bizarre clip. And the obvious question is “well okay, I’m born white, so what am I supposed to do about it?” And the implied answer is that you’re supposed to feel sorry about it.

But then it’s “okay, well, I feel sorry about it, so what now?”

And there is no clear answer to that. They just repeat that we have to “talk about it.”

There is no point at which the talking stops. There is no point at which you stop feeling sorry. The only solution is to just die, because black people are poor and feel sad that whites are better at doing things than they are.

The Jews who came up with this plan didn’t really think it through that well. Because after people are, in Popovich’s words and the words of so many Jews making this argument, “made to feel uncomfortable,” there is no “what now?” And this is agitating people more and more. The sportball fallout shows that.

All of these blacks attacking the flag and demanding something is making people angry, not because they aren’t willing to engage in some act of contrition to satisfy these blacks, but because there is no answer as to what that act of contrition is supposed to be.

Basically, white people’s minds are running the “how do I use altruism to fix this situation?” program, and it is coming back with “DOES NOT COMPUTE.”

And so finally, we are seeing it for what it is: blacks are just a bunch of selfish, whiny people in general, and the people like Popovich who defend their position are doing it for the selfish reason of scoring social signaling points, not because they actually have any idea what they’re talking about.

So ask Popovich or anyone else engaging in this “we have to have a conversation” talk: what is the next step of this conversation?

They don’t have an answer.