Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition: The Rise of the FeWhales!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2017

The celebration of female obesity has nothing to do with the universal acceptance of one’s imperfections – you’ll never see Sports Illustrated’s (((Paul Fichtenbaum))) green light a cover with a flexing DadBod. On the contrary: the body shape of men in films and media has gotten far more muscular and ripped in recent years, because while Jews teach women it’s okay to neglect your looks, only wear sweatpants and loudly burp in public, they want men to go on wild goose chases due to conditions of increasing competition for fewer attractive women.

The real agenda behind the rise of the FeWhales is to make women less happy and sexually invisible, and thus more likely to take up the politics of the malcontent (feminism) and less likely to reproduce in a stable, happy family unit. The message is simple: no matter how little effort you make, if you’re female, you too are entitled to be the center of sexual attention at any age (Christie Brinkley was also featured in this year’s issue – she’s 63), at any weight, etc.

But they do seem to photoshop their faces. The above pictured woman, Hunter McGrady, has had her (admittedly pretty) face photoshopped to the point where her head is comically too small for her body. It’s still all an illusion*.

Jews foment the delusions of these women by telling them they don’t have to pick between Baby Ruth and Brad the Varsity Quarterback. When the real world splashes a bucket of freezing cold water on them, they shave half their heads, dye the other side blue, then link up with Jews to declare war on the West and march for more rapeugees as their ovaries pickle.

New York Magazine:

Much of the conversation about the latest Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated has focused on Kate Upton, who has now thrice graced the magazine’s cover. Yet, the inside of the issue is also revealing some fresh faces and some boundary-pushing firsts for the publication. Hunter McGrady is one of the notable rookies in the Swimsuit edition who came to be in the magazine as a result of the Model Search contest. And aside from looking quite sultry while wearing nothing but body paint for the photo shoot, McGrady also just so happens to be the curviest model ever featured in the magazine.

Per her Wilhelmina Models stats, McGrady is five-foot-eleven, with a 45-inch bust and a 38-inch waist, making her the curviest model featured in the swimsuit edition, according to Yahoo! Style. Last year, Ashley Graham made news when she became the first size-16 model to grace the cover of the magazine’s swimsuit edition. Graham’s inclusion in the issue was greatly lauded as a step forward in the body-positive movement and it’s in that vein that McGrady is viewing her inclusion in the issue. For her, participating in the shoot was an opportunity to empower other women, she told Yahoo! “I want women to pick up what is the considered the sexiest magazine issue and feel inspired,” McGrady said. “There’s someone in it who looks like them, who isn’t the traditional model they see.” She also said she felt confident and sexy in her skin, “Not despite of my body but because of my body.”

The “body-positive movement” follows a number of other pseudo-Marxian Jewish concoctions, elevating deviants, narcissists and anti-socials as the referees of social mores: homosexuals define sexuality, single moms sit on the judge panel of what a family is, fat women get the last say on what is aesthetically pleasant. The Jews who invented the concept of the Other hence turn normal families into the mocked and shamed “out-group.”

This is why Jews are pouring millions of dollars into organizing overweight women and cat ladies into another splintered off-sect in “Ascendent America” (non-whites, queers, everyone who isn’t a normal white person).

Why would women participate in this elaborate, emotionally exhausting hate-filled movement to overthrow Western civilization?

For the Jews, killing the Occident is part of a century old plan to take over the world. But all Hunter’s got to do is go on a diet.

*Editor’s note: They also photoshop away cellulite and stretch marks, creating a fantasy of what a fat woman’s body looks like uncovered; it isn’t smooth flesh – it is impossible for a woman with that much fat in her ass not to have disgusting dimples, wrinkles and lines all over it. Also, McGrady, like Graham last year, is a very special type of fat bitch – the sort that for some freak reason does not carry weight on her neck, and thus has a relatively normal-looking and attractive face, despite her massive size. -AA