Splinternet: There Won’t Be One Unified World Wide Web Going Forward

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 13, 2019

The internet was a magical place… for awhile.

But all that’s about to change… forever. In fact, this process is already underway.

Daily Mail:

Dreams for a connected global internet are increasingly threatened by regulations being brought in by governments around the world, experts have warned.

Plans to restrict content are fragmenting the world wide web, a system created with the promise of connecting people by offering universal access to information.

China has walled off some western services for years and experts are now warning over plans elsewhere in the world to filter content, leading to nationalised internets.

That includes the UK’s plans to hold executives personally liable for posts on social media that are harmful or illegal, revealed in a government white paper on Monday.

They say this would put the country at the ‘far end’ of internet censorship and further fuel the ‘splinternet’ – a term circulated for a decade or more that has gained popularity in recent months.

These moves come as Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has called for a ‘common global framework’ of internet rules.

Yeah, this is really really happening. Russia just passed a law this week saying that there should be an alternative internet back-up ready to go by the end of 2019.

And it’s not just separate internets that we should be talking about.

Think about SWIFT – Russia is already working on an alternative to that. And the idea of the US being the world’s reserve currency is clearly on its last legs – again, you can’t just steal country’s money and print never-ending debt and use the dollar as a tool for your sanctions and not get blowback.

Putin’s been warning and talking about this forever.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand why this is happening: the US started using it’s control over all these systems as leverage against other countries. It was only a matter of time before these countries started considering the possibility of divesting from the US’ system. The US really went and shot itself in the foot by running around and punishing anybody that the kikes didn’t like all around the world for 3 decades.

Anyone who thought that America was a fair hegemon that they could deal with was sadly mistaken.

It’s one thing if you’re Rome and you provide fair taxation, rule of law, roads and security for your newly conquered provinces. It’s another thing if you act like the Mongol horde and just wreck everything you touch for 30 years following the collapse of the only other power capable of keeping you on your good behavior.

Everything is divesting and breaking up into multiple spheres. Money, trade and yes, the internets.

Surprise, surprise, Russia is basically spear-heading everything. They’re talking about going full autarky-mode over in Slavland. Naturally, this means that League of Legends and CoD will be banned on the Russian Internet very soon. Only Heroes of Might and Magic III and Counter-Strike will be allowed, cyka blyat!

Left: You Right: Your mom’s friend’s son… (I don’t get it either). 

And then we will truly enter the next stage of the Internet’s life-cycle.

Because everyone knows that you go online to get into a fight with someone.

But now, the next stage of the internet’s evolution means that different internets themselves will get into fights with one another.

America’s CuckNet will face down with Russia’s CykaNet and China’s ChinkNet. 

It’ll be fuckin’ lit, yo.

I’m looking forward to it.