SPLC’s Richard Cohen Says Social Engineering Makes More Dylann Roofs Inevitable

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 30, 2015


The SPLC’s Richard Cohen has done in interview with Salon where he flat-out admits that you can’t drastically transform the face of an entire nation through mass immigration and not expect a backlash.

I want to return to something you said a moment ago about how demographic changes are part of what’s driving the modern white supremacist movement. If that’s true, doesn’t that mean that we should be thinking about how this problem might get worse in the short- and medium-term? It’s not like these trends are going to dramatically reverse themselves, after all.

I think that’s exactly right. When the Southern Poverty Law Center was founded, back in 1971, fewer than one-in-five persons in our country were non-white. Today, that figure has doubled; and there’s been a backlash to it. In the next 35 to 40 years, what we call the majority today will be the minority, and I think the country will continue to have a backlash and continue to have flash points.

In the end, the country will be fine. We will draw upon the talents of not just a diverse population in this country, but the population of the world. But I think we would be Pollyannaish to think that these types of demographic changes, against a backdrop of uncertain economic times, are not going to produce a significant backlash.

Besides the part about the country being fine, I would have given the same basic answer. You obviously cannot commit a massive program of ethnic displacement and expect at least a few of the displaced not to get rather upset about it.

The question is, why are you committing this genocidal act act of ethnic displacement in the first place, Mr. Jew?

Salon didn’t ask him that, but it truly is the question of the age.