SPLC Links Roof to Daily Stormer for Manifesto Bads

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2015

This undated image that appeared on Lastrhodesian.com, a website being investigated by the FBI in connection with Charleston, S.C., shooting suspect Dylann Roof, shows Roof posing for a photo while holding a Confederate flag. The website surfaced online Saturday, June 20, 2015, and also contained a hate-filled 2,500-word essay that talks about white supremacy and concludes by saying the author alone will need to take action. (Lastrhodesian.com via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT
Roof takes some pot shots in a truly potty selfie.

Anti-White hate site the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) is trying to pin the guilt for Charleston shooter and general psycho Dylann Roof, 21, on The Daily Stormer.

According to The Washington Post, the SPLC is making its case yet again that pro-White websites generate homicidal maniacs as evidenced by the fact they allege he posted a couple of times on DS.

The multimillion-dollar provocateur Jewish-supremacist website, which the FBI no longer regards as a credible source, has linked comments Roof supposedly posted on Daily Stormer with his manifesto. The words they use are “near carbon copies.”

The SPLC or Poverty Palace, which hates any group or website that names the Jew, used some Poindexter “plagiarism detection” software to supposedly prove where Roof’s posts on DS were reproduced almost verbatim on the forum.

They give examples of his alleged posts, and quote his manifesto, and then the article (written by a black female journalist named Abby Phillips) ends in such a fizzle as to make no actual point other than ‘White Supremacist sites are bad, m’kay’.

Mark Potok of the SPLC minus his tinfoil hat, which is at the laundry being cleansed of ‘hate signals’ received while researching Daily Stormer.

So even if you don’t know it, right now you’re being subliminally programmed to go out and shoot blacks, or some other innocents. This is what we do — these very words are loaded with coded messages designed to be filtered out by your conscious mind. By the time you get to sleep tonight, you’ll be dreaming yourself in camos and army fatigues, crawling on your belly along the rooftop of a Chicago Chuck E. Cheese. When you wake up tomorrow morning, the armament stockpiling will begin, and you’ll be mentally indexing passages for your upcoming manifesto. It’s a given.

Of course, the SPLC article doesn’t mention how Daily Stormer rejects violence as its policy statement, or how the site’s owner Andrew Anglin has strongly condemned the killer and his deranged actions.

Roof was a joke, a scrawny head-case who shot up a church full of passive blacks in the name of something stirred up by an unrelenting race-baiting Jew media. He chose a soft target, a place full of people who didn’t even represent the kind of blacks that he claimed pissed him off so, and somewhere he could be guaranteed he could make off without being shot himself.

This will be you by the time you’ve finished having your brain rewired by this site and this very article.

Roof’s whole manifesto reads like it was cut-and-pasted from sources like Jared Taylor and David Duke, without any actual mental absorption. There isn’t an original thought in it, nor has even come close to unmasking the true players in this game. If anyone asked a genuine White Nationalist what they made of the skinny loser, they wouldn’t even mark him as awakened. One look at the guy and they’d be reaching for the can of mace.

But that’s the kind of fallout when a basket case like him goes postal: the already besieged community of awakened Whites fall into apology mode and recant for crimes they didn’t even commit, much less consider.

The same is never expected of non-Whites. When a black shoots a White kid in the name of slavery, and for Trayvon ’en sheet, there is no mention of ‘the hate’. Even if he’s caught by eyewitnesses in flagrante delicto screaming how much he hates Whites and wants to kill every motherfucking one of us, the police, the media, the courts, they all shake their heads and tell us to move on ‘cos there’s no hate crime here.

Whereas EVERYTHING a White does is some sort of hate crime. It doesn’t matter that Roof is either a total whack job or fried from drugs, the entirety of Whitey has to answer, apologise, and beg forgiveness for his actions.