SPLC Kikes Pull Their Own Article on the Nazi vs. Oath Keep Encounter

Daily Stormer
June 16, 2017

Time to pick a side. The choice is clear.

It was brought to my attention that the Semitic promoters of political violence and open insurrection wrote a post about the encounter we had with the OafQueefers at the No Limit City rally in Houston last Saturday that was held to protest the various movements to take down statues of White heroes.

For the SPLC, it was actually kind of a good post. So why did they take it down?

Just yesterday we saw the results of their constant anti-White agitprop, and it was ugly. A mass shooting by an  SPLC/Bernie supporter against mostly basic bitch GOP types, which the media tried, in vain, to categorize as an unhinged right wing cracker doing what they claim unhinged right wing crackers do all the time. Fortunately, the shooter was very open about his politics, having been a staffer for the Sanders campaign  and posting about killing racist non-communist in a frenetic manner that only a deranged Marxist can maintain.

So let’s get right to it.

The now deleted SPLC article is still available on Google Cache:

This week various members of the so-called “Alt Right” have been taking shots at Oath Keepers — an antigovernment organization that primarily recruits current and veteran military, law enforcement and emergency first responders — after video surfaced of a Texas militia member putting a neo-Nazi protester in a headlock in a Houston park last Saturday.

The event underscores a growing rift between the “Patriot” movement and other elements on the far right over the former’s apparent lack of racialist sentiment.

“We’re not white nationalists. We’re not racists of any kind. And if they show up [at our rally], I am going to personally, physically remove them. Because they are trying to co-opt what we’re trying to do.

Although Stewart Rhodes, founder and president of the Oath Keepers, has yet to uphold this threat, an alleged member of his organization seems to have done just that.

First of all, none of us wanted to “coopt” anything. I announced that I would be attending the Houston event for Daily Stormer and put out the call for other nationalists to come and show support for White history before This is Texas started their moronic cuck Facebook group and organized their goofy anti-racist borefest.

We wanted nothing to do with these boomercucks, and we certainly didn’t want to be associated with them, as we are real men, and they are crusty old punks who need to be in large groups, sporting AR-15s, before they’ll utter a peep about the most mainstream of ideas. These people are about as scary as a basket full of puppies.

They came along thinking that they were gonna shame us by calling us racists. All it took was one stand-up guy and a few honest words to send them scurrying away like cockroaches when the kitchen light comes on.

Video footage of a confrontation between a white nationalist protester and a member of “This Is Texas” (TIT), a purported affiliate of the Oath Keepers, shows a white nationalist protester being ejected from a group of “Patriots” after one of them snuck up behind the man and put him in a choke hold. The video has elicited strong responses from groups affiliated with the alt right.

It sure does, and it sure did.

Even with all their guns, these cucked homos were afraid to attack our smaller group, and they should have been. You can hear David Amad, the guy with the gray shirt and the mustache, offering myself and another member of our group his number for some fight in the future. Problem with that is, there was nothing between him and myself but air and opportunity, so what was stopping him right then?

No, that’s not the way of chickenhearts. Amad’s fag-fury threats were meaningless, he didn’t do anything. They waited until one of our young guys got isolated among them, and even then the White men didn’t have the balls to do anything. They had a filthy illegal spic do the back-punching dirty work for them, and they cheered him on as a hero.

The video in question begins after police purportedly told a group of white nationalists from VA and The Daily Stormer, which organizes real-world “book clubs,” to leave one area of the park after some back and forth with the “Patriots.” One man wearing the uniform sported at protests by VA members, a polo and khakis, returned to gather posters adorned with Pepe, Wojak, and the slogan “No Blood for Israel” that had been left behind, but instead entered into a bizarre verbal confrontation with several of the Oath Keepers.

“These are good memes…” the lone alt-righter protested as he juggled the signs, a megaphone and the VA flag.

“Dude this is not Comicon!”

As the shouting continued, David Amad, of Open Carry Texas (OCT), stepped forward. “Son you are leaving here one way or another.”

Before Amad could finish the threat a member of his group sprang from behind the lone alt righter and put him into a chokehold. After a few seconds the two were separated and Amad escorted the victim away from the scene while TIT/OCT members radioed to police.

Yep, and once again, as you can see in the video, the capitulating coward Amad didn’t get physical with the young gentleman until he was not only surrounded by a boiling mob that appears to consist of well over 100 anti-White idiots, but he waited until the cops were right there as well.

What the group hadn’t counted on was a small group associated with neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer and Vanguard America (VA) also attending with flags of their own, including VA banners with the slogan “We Have A Right To Exist,” the “Kekistani” flag, and VA’s own recently adopted banner featuring a blue sonnenrad in front of a red and white striped field.

Later footage shows Amad and members of TIT arguing with a larger group of white nationalists, including the man who writes for The Daily Stormer under the pen name “Azzmador”.

“What you gonna do, you gonna start a fight while packing a rifle?” Azzmador can be heard shouting as the argument became heated.

That’s right, they were BTFO’d, but good, and their asses are still very sore from it. This is what happens when you tell a band of nutless cucks what’s what with no shame and no fear. These people had their fangs pulled long ago.

The SPLC’s article highlighted just exactly how anti-White these bastards are. They were willing to threaten Whites over the Confederate flag, but they were fine with a Negress having one.

An affiliate of Amad’s organization, who identified himself as “head of security” and “commander of the Texas State Militia” was also filmed as he approached “black Confederate” Arlene Barnum to ask whether her fellow flaggers, who were white, would put down their Confederate battle flags.

“I think that you [Arlene Barnum] are the best example of why you should carry [that flag]… and I’m not saying that in a bad way, you know what I mean? But if you don’t mind, could you be the only one please?”

Of course, the request was refused, and this idiotic beast was jeering “racist” and “you’re an embarrassment to Confederates” and other such silliness in a crowd of otherwise White “Rainbow Confederates.”

So, as you can see, all these anti-fascist types on the alleged right of the mainstream political spectrum are a joke. They don’t know history, they don’t have the nerve to face reality, and they seem to enjoy the idea of their daughters going to the club with no panties on, and getting a train run on them by a pack of feral dindus after a half dozen Long Island Iced Teas.

But why did the SPLC pull their article? It had everything they find compelling when crafting their White Genocide narrative.

I think it’s because they know that they are not only inciting political violence, which is likely a priority for them, but after many events over the last year or so, culminating in the shooting at the GOP softball practice, they fear the goyim are now beginning to know.

And nothing upsets the International Jew like a knowing goy.