SPLC Filthy Jew Terrorists Sued by Christian Group Who They Labeled an “Active Hate Group”

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2017

The Jew Richard Cohen is the President of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Seems like a nice guy! lol

The Southern Poverty Law Center is getting sued by a Christian organization who they labeled an “active hate group” because of their anti-homosexual political stance.

Fox News:

A prominent evangelical ministry has filed a federal lawsuit against the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), saying it defamed the Christian organization as an “active hate group” because it endorses the biblical view of homosexuality.

The clash marks the latest chapter in a growing feud between those who embrace historic monotheistic beliefs, whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim, and progressive activists who have begun targeting mainstream Christian groups that hold traditional beliefs about sex and other issues.

Officials of the D. James Kennedy Ministries, based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., accuse the SPLC of deceptive practices, saying that it wrongly asserts that some organizations breed or fuel hate because of their religious positions on such things as same-sex marriage and other social issues.

The definition of an “active hate group” has expanded to the point where any White person who disagrees with Cultural Marxist doctrines is considered to be a hateful racist. It is a totally ridiculous situation.

Homosexual behavior is disgusting. It is not natural for another man to penetrate another man’s asshole with his penis. In fact, such behavior is reflective of insanity within one’s mind. It is not wrong or hateful to be against a mental illness.

In the 1950s, there were public service announcements warning young boys to avoid homosexuals.

We need to bring those PSA’s back! They were on point!

Of course, Jews by their nature are paranoid of Christianity. Many of them outright hate it and view it as a threat to their very existence. Other Jews brag about how their people killed Jesus. Being that the SPLC is a Jewish organization, it is not a surprise for them to demonize a Christian organization with the “active hate group” label. One would only hope that situations like these would help wake up those foolish Christian Zionists who think Jews and Israel are America’s greatest ally. Jews hate Christians and hate their entire religious philosophy.

Let’s hope this Christian group wins this lawsuit. The SPLC has gotten away with terrorizing people for far too long.