Spirit Cooking with the Clintons

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2016

No candidate is perfect. You have to remember that.

So sure, Hillary Clinton worships satan. She also appears to possibly be involved in some kind of child trafficking ring.

But you know what she absolutely doesn’t do?

Grab them by the pussy.

During her entire career, Hillary Clinton has never been caught grabbing anyone by the pussy, nor has she ever been secretly recorded on a bus joking about it in a private conversation.

So, you’ve got a choice:

  1. Admitted satan worship and potential pedophile child sex trafficking, or
  2. Pussies getting grabbed left and right

The choice is clear: we have to protect women’s rights.

Vote Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, because she may worship satan, but at least she doesn’t make sex jokes in private conversations.

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