Spineless Faggots and Cowards: Only 6% of Marines are Keeping Their Blood Pure

The Marines are a sickening gaggle of faggots

We need as many highly trained purebloods on the front lines of the vax war as we can get.

Unfortunately, most of those are going to be gamers and military vets – the current line of Marines is an anal cuckfest of totally bitched-out faggots.

When people tell me “I can’t afford to lose my job, bro” – I say “well, what if Anthony Fauci told you that if you wanted to keep your job, he was going to sodomize you and ejaculate on your face? Would you go along with that? Because the vaccine is a lot worse than that for your health, and if you have any personal dignity at all, it should be just as humiliating as an ass-pounding and a facial.”

The cowards who do the “my job bro” thing don’t ever respond to that, indicating that they would indeed slurp Fauci’s beagle juice.

If you asked the Marines, however, they would tell you they’d be happy to give pleasure to the Lord Fauci.


Up to 10,000 active-duty Marines will not be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus when their deadline arrives in coming days, a trajectory expected to yield the U.S. military’s worst immunization rate.

While 94 percent of Marine Corps personnel have met the vaccination requirement or are on a path to do so, according to the latest official data, for the remainder it is too late to begin a regimen and complete it by the service’s Nov. 28 deadline. Within an institution built upon the belief that orders are to be obeyed, and one that brands itself the nation’s premier crisis-response force, it is a vexing outcome.

In the military, the vax mandate is a political purity test, designed to ensure that no one who isn’t 100% on-board with the Democrat Party agenda is removed from the service.

This is the perfect test, as you know 100% that anyone who submits is either totally down with Jewish full anal vaginalism, or is a totally spineless coward who isn’t ever going to do anything. Obviously, forcing someone to have something injected into their body is a lot better than doing interviews. Most right-wingers know enough about leftism that they could lie their way through an interview like it was nothing.

So – now all of the people who have a legal right to shoot people are Democrat Party loyalists.

That means that legal rights no longer have any meaning, as we are living in a one-party political state rather than a Republic.

But you knew that already.