Speech Crime: Lawrence Burns

Radio Aryan
December 12, 2016


Lawrence Burns talks to Sven Longshanks about his ongoing trial for having a different opinion to the majority. Lawrence has been charged with inciting racial hatred, after he expressed his common sense views in private with friends on Facebook. The Police decided to investigate him after spotting him at a demonstration against Moslem rape gangs in Rotherham and they broke into his Facebook account which was set to private. Nobody should have been able to view his private conversations without him inviting them, but still the Crown Prosecution Service have seen fit to charge him with being mean to minorities. They have been unable to produce screen shots, relying instead upon transcripts typed up by the police themselves, which they have already admitted to tampering with.

He is also being tried for a speech which he gave at the David Lane memorial demonstration last year, where he spoke about the law of nature and how what is good for one people group may not be good for another. He addressed the court for 6 hours one day last week and feels he did a good job of explaining the double standards being applied to his case. He has had credible death threats from antifa with them stalking him and then describing how they are hunting him, after his picture was put into the local paper, but the police have refused to do anything about stopping this. Contrast that with how the Jews behind the Brexit High Court challenge last week have all been given anonymity to protect them from public criticism.

Lawrence is just one of many being criminalized for having the wrong opinions in Britain and his case should be highlighted and presented on our terms instead of those presented by the mainstream media, who have had the cheek to link death threats and MPs fearing for their lives over things as harmless as photo-shopping an MPs head onto a mouse in the recent Bonehill case. Who knows what kind of holocaust they will claim Lawrence was causing by talking to his friends on Facebook.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Lawrence Burns

Speech Crime: Lawrence Burns – SL 121216

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