Special Forces Drilling for “Guerrilla Freedom Fighter” Rebellion in Dixieland!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2019

Apparently, the government likes to train for rural Amerikaner uprisings… just in case. This has been going on for the last twenty years, apparently, and no one saw fit to inform me.

The Robin Sage drill is considered a capstone test for new soldiers training to be in the Special Forces – which seems kind of weird, on the face of it. And then you couple that with the fact that if there was one place in the US that would rise up in arms against the federal government, it would almost certainly be rural North Carolina and you can’t help but do a “big think.”

Charlotte Observer:

A series of Special Forces military training exercises — including gunfire with blanks — is being staged across 21 North Carolina counties starting Aug. 30, and the Army is telling the public not to be alarmed at the suspicious-looking activity.

Known as Robin Sage training, the unconventional warfare exercises can be likened to live-action role playing in the extreme, with hostile engagement playing out between Special Forces students, volunteer civilians and soldiers out of Fort Bragg. It continues through Sept. 12, said a press release.

Heavily populated counties like Wake, Cumberland and Union counties are among training sites, according to the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg.

The students will match wits with more seasoned soldiers, who will “act as realistic opposing forces and guerrilla freedom fighters,” officials said in a release.

Sometimes it feels like the Civil War never really ended. The South is reviled by the mass media, and the government runs drills aimed at suppressing any possible White rebellion in Dixieland.

It’s incredible, really.

I always thought that Southerners were delusional and revanchist simply for the sake of it. Now, I know better. The federal government really does want them dead.

But I thought I’d use this opportunity to bring up a point about the imminent Patriot Uprising! 

Conservatives still think that the police and the army could never be used against them because these men in uniform serve the United States and the Republic and the ideals of the Constitution and so on.

This really highlights the delusional nature of most right-wing reactionary thinking. In terms of right-wing political theory, you basically have two camps of thought advocating two political strategies:

  1. Wait for an ecological, financial and/or external disaster and run away to the woods to eke out a subsistence lifestyle killing squirrels
  2. Wait for the government to issue an order to round up American patriots and watch the soldiers turn their guns on their officers and politicians in protest

These are not well-thought-out strategies.

The truth of the matter is that the government spends a lot of resources on preparing for an uprising and training its soldiers to not hesitate in putting it down. Meanwhile, there isn’t any serious White rebel group in America. That means there won’t be any armed revolution anytime soon, and even if there were, it would no doubt be strangled in its nascency.

People need to move past wishful thinking and come to terms with the facts of the situation as it stands now.

That being said, we’re entering a very turbulent and dangerous period of history and I’m not going to try and pretend like I don’t see more violence coming up on the event horizon.

The government has either deliberately or accidentally created an environment for violence to start escalating and getting out of control.

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