Spanish People Protest Death of Fag Near Nightclub, Clash with Police

This sounds to me like a classic case of the deadly Delta Variant of the deadly virus Sars-CoV-2, which causes a disease many of you will know as COVID-19.

More and more, deaths from COVID-19 and the Delta Variant are being wrongly attributed to things like being beaten to death by a mob screaming “faggot.”

The Independent:

Samuel Luiz, 24, was attacked while out with friends in the city of A Coruña in the early hours of Saturday morning after an argument started outside a nightclub. He died later in hospital.

After his death sparked outrage across Spain, police in Catalonia were investigating another attack which might have been motivated by homophobia.

Mr Luiz lost his life after a row with passers escalated into a fatal assault.

When he made a video call outside the club, two passers by accused him of trying to film them and he was assaulted by one of them.

He was left with a badly bruised face but minutes later the attacker returned with 12 others who beat the student nurse unconscious. He died hours later.

The attack, which is being investigated by police, prompted outrage across Spain and led to demonstrations on Monday night in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Salamanca, Bilbao, Zaragoza.

Protesters carried signs reading: “No more deaths for hate, intolerance or discrimination.”

This is probably the beginning of a “Gay Lives Matter” movement, frankly.

The death is also probably somehow a hoax.

Remember when they said that faggot Matthew Shepard was dragged behind a truck in a “homophobic murder,” and it turned out he was a meth dealer and the people who killed him were also probably fags?

Hoaxity hoax hoax hoax!

That was really the first big “hate crime” hoax.

This is probably like that.

Or he just died from coronavirus.