Spanish Minister Claims Country Needs “Millions and Millions” of Migrants

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2020

Did you know that white people are unable to have kids, so they need to import ready-to-work people into their countries to keep The Economy from collapsing?

Of course, the imported people must have colored skin, otherwise they’d also have the same whites-only problem of being unable to reproduce.


José Luis Escriva, Spanish Minister for Social Security, Inclusion, and Migration, has claimed the country requires millions of new migrants to combat the forecasted demographic decline in the near future.

According to Mr Escriva, the demographic projections for Spain are so dire that the country will require “eight or nine million people just to keep our working population at the same level”, and noted that other countries should be “prepared to integrate” large migrant populations, France Info reports.

The demographic trajectories are there. It will happen, we will not escape it,” Escriva said during a meeting of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris on Thursday.

Excuse me, but have you tried putting Penis inside Vagina?

As far as we know, that’s how babies are made.

Putting penises inside vaginas and making Spanish babies sounds better than receiving infinite colored apes.

Do Spanish people suffer from some kind of disease that prevents them from reproducing, but which doesn’t affect immigrants?

Is The Economy worth the extinction of the Spanish people?

Browns and blacks are not even good for the economies of their own countries, so why would they be good for white countries’ economies?

“We must be prepared to integrate into our societies, if we want to maintain our comfort levels, a certain number of additional migrants and our population will be more mixed,” he said and added: “We have to prepare societies for this. Explain to them why it is good for them, for their children, and for generations to come.”

European Commissioner for Migration Ylva Johansson, who also attended the meeting, went on to state that European Union citizens “want to welcome migrants in need of international protection and want to welcome people who will contribute to our economy, but they are worried that we cannot manage migration, that we cannot control it”.

“We must show that we control immigration,” she said and added that the EU could do more to deal with illegal immigrants. Johansson went on to state: “Those who have the right to stay, they are welcome, we must welcome them.”

Yes, by all means, go ahead and explain why receiving colored migrants because the Spanish people are not having children is somehow good for the children the Spanish people are not having.

It makes sense if you adhere to the Magic Soil theory though, because migrants getting into Spain turn Spanish, then they have colored Spanish babies.

In such context, yeah, that will certainly benefit “Spanish people.”