Spanish Kids Play Outside for Just One Hour After Six Weeks of Confinement, Police Time Them

“Just one hour, kids.”

While adults are allowed to leave their homes to go to the grocery store during the lockdown, kids remain locked up with no excuse to set foot outside.

Now, kids in Spain are finally allowed to leave their homes, but only for one hour.

Police will make sure the time limit is respected.

Daily Mail:

Millions of children in Spain under the age of 14 are enjoying their first taste of freedom in 42 days as the country relaxes their confinement rules and adults are likely to follow from May 2nd.

Police are today trying to control the new rules which allow youngsters to go out and play for one hour provided they are accompanied by a parent or allocated guardian.

There is already confusion as some locations in Spain are said to have ‘opened their beaches’ but technically, only children who live less than one kilometre away can visit and they must not sunbathe or swim or have a picnic.

The authorities say police won’t be taking a heavy-handed approach but will be ‘timing‘ some people who will be warned to go home if they exceed the one hour limit.

The new rules for children allow them to ride a bicycle or scooters or carry a ball but they can’t play with other children outside their family group and can’t go to playgrounds.

They can only go out from 9am to 9pm, for one hour, with a parent or guardian, with no more than three children in total. They can only venture one kilometre from their house and are being advised to wear masks, though this is not compulsory.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced that from May 2nd, adults will also be able to go out for walks and to practise individual sport ‘as long as the favourable evolution of the pandemic’ allowed it.

Spain’s State of Emergency has just been extended from April 26th to midnight on May 10th but Mr. Sanchez has set May 2nd as the beginning of the end of the lockdown.

If kids are already outside and the amount of people they’re exposed to stays the same, what difference does time make?

Why does it have to be one hour and not more? How does the time they spend outside matter in regards to the spread of the virus if the amount of people they come into contact with stays the same?

The Spanish authorities pulled that one hour rule out of their asses, or asked a high priest of virology, and he pulled it out of his ass.

We know other governments are conjuring social distancing rules out of nowhere.

It’s all just so ridiculous.

They’re treating people like prisoners.

But hey, at least kids can finally play outside for a bit while the police observe them with a stopwatch.

Just making sure kids respect the one hour rule.