Spanish Government Suggests Alleged Coronavirus has Never Been Isolated

Meanwhile, in Spain…

There is no isolated virus.

What there is is this: a computer simulation of a virus genome. Every one of these simulations is from the same company, called Illumina.

A computer simulation is not the same thing as virus isolation.

Free West Media:

The Spanish Ministry of Health does not have SARS-CoV-2 cultures for experiments and does not have a directory of laboratories that have isolation cultures for experiments,” the government stated in response to a public request from critical citizens, including the organizations Asociación Liberum and Biólogos por la Verdad [Biologists for the Truth] on July 22, 2021. This was received by the authorities on August 10 and was registered under the number 001-059144.

Among other things, the lawyers and scientists were interested in whether the virus had been isolated. According to the Transparency Act 19/2013 of 9 December, the Ministry of Health had one month from this point in time to formulate a corresponding statement.

From Spanish site El Diestro:

All responsibility for diagnosis and treatment has been shifted to the health professionals, recognizing that ‘tests alone are often not enough to diagnose the disease’ … But the tests are being used to make decisions about curfews, shop closures, quarantine, patient treatment, vaccinations and absolutely dictatorial measures are justified and people’s freedoms are revoked, while they ‘are usually not sufficient to determine the disease’.

Take this document and go to your family doctor or your health center and ask for explanations. Because something has been injected into your body, but the person who administered it to you, does not even know what it is for or what is contained in it. Will this wake people up or will they go back to sleep?

Here’s the thing: you can’t vaccinate against a virus that doesn’t exist.

This article’s headline was changed from “Spanish government says” to “Spanish government suggests,” because they haven’t made an absolute statement on the matter. What they’ve said is that they can’t find it and they don’t know anyone who claims to have it.