Spain’s First Jail Term for “Islamophobia” Handed Down to Internet Poster

Daily Stormer
March 6, 2014

Oh dear, Spain. You guys used to be fantastic.  What happened?
Oh dear, Spain. You guys used to be fantastic. What happened?

A Spanish hater who ran an anti-Muslim website has been handed Spain’s first jail sentence for “Islamophobia” (an Orwellian term if ever there was one – how could one not have a phobia of violent savages flooding your country and raping your women, while demanding your entire society change to accept their culture?).

From the Local:

A court in Barcelona found Jaime T. guilty of inciting violence and hatred against a religious group and promoting genocide, Spanish daily El Periódico reported on Wednesday., which has received at least 21,240 visits, contains material praising the Third Reich in Germany. It also encourages readers to carry out similar crimes against Muslims.

Police arrested the IT administrator in March 2011 and seized all kinds of xenophobic paraphernalia, such as photos of Adolf Hitler and swastikas, along with numerous videos from his computer which show him making anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim speeches.

But the man’s two-year sentence judgement — the first for Islamophobia in Catalonia — may be suspended if the defendant agrees to attend a human rights course and does not commit a new crime within three years.

Figures from the Islamic Andalusí Observatory state there are currently 427,000 practising Muslims in Catalonia.

21,240 visits, huh?  Not exactly big time.  And they hunted him down.

We want our freedom back, Jews.  It is only a matter of time. The backlash is coming.