Spain: YouTube Bans Channel of Nationalist Party Vox for No Reason

Daily Stormer
June 20, 2019

It was completely unexpected that a Jewish company would censor people who don’t want to destroy their own country.

It was just as unexpected that those people would do nothing but whine about it.


YouTube has blacklisted the channel of Spain’s populist Vox Party, in a move that will likely exacerbate claims that Google is actively suppressing right-leaning and conservative content.

“YouTube has deleted Vox’s entire channel without explanation,” the party wrote on Twitter. “The decision to remove the channel is a serious attack on the freedom of expression and dissemination of a political party. We demand an explanation from YouTube and that the account is restored as soon as possible.”

That’s all you’re gonna do?

Demand an explanation?

Vox later revealed that YouTube had taken the decision on the grounds that left-wing activists had lodged complaints of copyright infringement.

“YouTube has informed us that the disabling of the VOX channel is due to the complaint made by three people who believe that we have used the content of theirs,” they explained. “The three people who have denounced us are left-wing activists… We have found that other political parties and progressive channels use the same audiovisual resources without being denounced for it.”

The Vox party later used the blacklisting to accuse YouTube of bowing to the demands of left-wing activists, a trend extensively documented by Breitbart News and other conservative news sources.

This is a common thing that leftists do on JewTube.

Jews and their leftist shabbos goyim are good at taking a system that sounds good in theory and then hysterically abusing it for their own political purposes.

I’d tell you guys to do the same but it most likely wouldn’t work, since accounts of any Nazis are marked from the start, and things like these are just pretexts.

“We take advantage of this fact to show our outrage at the arbitrary actions of Twitter, Facebook and Google; hypersensitive to the requests of activists of totalitarian Marxism and the establishment,” they continued. “We show our support to all those who, like us, have been affected by these arbitrary actions by those responsible for these social networks in recent months.”

The move provides fresh evidence of political meddling on behalf of Google and other major Silicon Valley firms. In April’s general election, the Vox Party won 24 seats in the Spanish parliament, obtaining around 10 percent of the nationwide vote. The party also recently returned three MEP’s in last month’s European Parliamentary Elections.

Yeah, but will you people actually, you know, do something about it?

You’re in parliament – make a law against this.

Or even better, tell JewTube and the other Joogle companies that you’re going to block them in Spain when you come to power, and then actually do it.

Or something, anything.

But they’re just not doing anything, not just Vox but any of these other supposed neo-Nazis that get shit on the by the kikes, everywhere in the world.

Hell, they’re not even threatening they might do something about it, just whining.

So of course these kikes are gonna keep pushing, because there’s no backlash.

If attacking you has no consequences, then someone will attack you.

It’s just common sense.