Spain: You Get Fined 150,000 Euros for Singing a Song or Making a Hand Gesture

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2017

The extreme degrees of “shut it down, shut it all down” that governments are now going to should really be an encouragement to everyone.

When they start fining you the cost of a large mansion (yes, you can buy a very large mansion in Spain for 150k euros) for singing a song or making a hand gesture, you’ve basically already won. Because they have exactly zero options left.

ABC España:

Last Tuesday the government of Aragon, led by the Socialist Javier Lambán, revealed the Law of Democratic Memory (Ley de Memoria Democrática). It is a legal text that aims to repair and protect the memory of the victims of the Civil War and of Francoism.

The Ley de Memoria Democrática provides sanctions that vary between 200 euros, for minor infractions, up to 150,000 euros for the most serious violations. The introduction of this text punishes expressions that may injure the dignity of the victims of the Franco dictatorship and the Civil War. So, for example, in accordance with the prevailing norms, singing “Cara al sol” [Face to the Sun, Falangist anthem] or performing the fascist salute could result in a fine of up to 150,000 euros.

The text considers all symbols – flags, posters, plaques, crests – that glorify the Francoist period to be contrary to its provisions. It also urges the public administrations of Aragon to adopt the measures required to remove them. Those that do not comply with the provisions of the law will no longer receive subsidies and aid from the government currently led by Lambán.

Translation via Diversity Macht Frei.

Of course, if I was Spanish, I would arrange a march of as many men as I could gather through the center of Barcelona singing this song with their arms raised high, and say “go ahead, fine us – none of us have the money.”

But I understand a lot of people are not like me.