Spain: Woman’s Kids Taken Away for Trying to Save Them from Deadly Vax

Remember when we said they were going to take your kids away?

That was a conspiracy theory when we said it.

What are we saying now that’s a conspiracy theory?


A Spanish court has ruled that a mother who attempted to flee to Portugal to prevent her two children from being vaccinated cannot have any contact with them or approach them.

The mother of the two children, identified as Christine M.C., was released by a court in Seville following her arrest after taking her two children, aged 12 and 14, to neighbouring Portugal in an effort to stop them from being vaccinated.

The 46-year-old fled Spain with her children to the town of Aljezur in the Algarve in November of last year after the children’s father David K. had wanted the children to take the vaccine.

A Spanish judge agreed with the father after the disagreement was brought to court and Christine M.C was later arrested on Wednesday and brought back to Spain, newspaper El Mundo reports.

Borja Gómez Martínez-Fresneda, the lawyer for the mother, stated that her client had taken the children in order to prevent any possible side effects from the vaccine.

The court has since agreed to release the woman on bail but ordered that she not contact them or approach them, temporarily withdrawing her custody rights after it was revealed she had not let the children return to school or see their father after she had taken them.

It’s all happening.

All of it.

It’s all going to happen.