Spain: Wife of PM has Coronavirus (That Means the PM Does Too)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2020

The Spanish PM and his wife at a charity event earlier this week.

It’s amazing that all of these heads of state keep getting this virus.


Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez’s wife, Begona Gomez, has tested positive for the deadly coronavirus, the government has confirmed. It comes after the Iberian country entered lockdown, with a ban on all non-essential movement.

Both Gomez and her husband, the prime minister, are feeling well, Sanchez’s office reported Sunday night.

The news comes shortly after Sanchez unveiled what he described as “drastic” and “extraordinary” measures as part of the state of emergency to fend off the spread of the disease that has so far claimed at least 193 lives across the country, and infected over 6,250.

The restrictive measures, which will last at least 15 days and might be extended further, envision a ban on all travel within the country except for work, medicine or in case of emergencies.

Just like with Justin Trudeau, they are saying “the wife has it” as a weird way to indicate to the public that the PM has it without causing a panic.

Even if you are in a loveless marriage without any eyeball-licking, if you’re living with someone with the virus, there is virtually no chance you wouldn’t get it. So, when the PM is going to isolate, they say “oh yes, it’s his wife…”

I think most people are intended to understand the meaning of this, but they don’t want the lowest in society to freak out.

But what exactly is going on that these heads of state are getting it?

Well, either:

  1. Much higher numbers of people are getting it than we’re being told (this is a certainty), or
  2. Someone is actually spreading it around governments (also likely)

I don’t have any evidence that someone is spreading it around governments. The evidence that many more people have it than are being told is simply that they are not doing anywhere near the necessary number of tests, while this extremely contagious virus is being allowed to spread out of control.

It is so out of control that when you realize how out of control it is, the insane-o British plan to infect everyone actually seems to make more sense.

Politicians, contrary to what you may think, are not around huge numbers of people every day. You are around larger numbers of people when you go to the grocery store.

If politicians are around a lot of people – particularly heads of state – they are standing away from them, out of breathing distance. Heads of state are some of the least susceptible people on the planet. Yet somehow, the Prime Ministers of Canada and Spain have both gotten it.

I would shrug if I could.