Spain to Welcome International Tourists with a Digital “Health” Passport

The Queen Bitch of the EU recently announced that Americans would be allowed to travel to Europe for vacation if they proved that they had subjected themselves to a dangerous experimental gene therapy procedure.

We said it would be more complicated than that, and would require not just “proof,” but would require you to participate in a complex high-tech tracking grid.

Spain is now admitting that entry permission will be linked to a “digital certificate,” presumably the one run by Microsoft.

The Guardian:

Spain aims to reopen to overseas holidaymakers from June under the Covid digital health certificate scheme, the country’s secretary of state for tourism has said.

Fernando Valdés told the World Travel & Tourism Council summit in Mexico on Tuesday that the programme – under which tourists could show they have been vaccinated, tested negative or recently recovered from the virus – would prove “fundamental to offering travellers certainty”.

Valdés said Spain would participate in a pilot digital certificate scheme in May and would be “ready to receive visitors in June”. He said the new scheme – and Spain’s vaccine rollout – represented “a before and an after” in comparison with the situation last year, but stressed the certificates were “not a magic wand”.

What they did offer, he said, in comments reported by the Spanish news agency Europa Press, was a degree of security because they would allow tourists to travel if they had been vaccinated, if they had tested negative despite not having had the jab, or if they had already recovered from Covid.

This is just the first step in a process of creating a two-tiered society, where the unvaxxed have no rights. Vacationing to Europe is not a right – that actually is a privilege (unless you follow the code of democracy laid out by the UN – i.e., the people pushing this – which says that all humans have free movement).

But they are getting people used to the idea that all of man’s natural, God-given rights are actually privileges issued to them by the government. Slowly, they will associate these “privileges” with vaccination.

Eventually, no one without the vaccine, who is not participating in the “vaccination passport” high tech tracking and control grid, will be able to buy and sell.

This is all just rolling right up on us, and the whole world is like a deer in headlights.

Props to Naomi Wolf. I never thought I’d praise this Jewish feminist, but she is out there telling the truth about this agenda, and the only thing that matters now is the truth.

Earlier this month, she appeared on with Steve Bannon to discuss the details of the vaccine passport agenda, and how this is just going to keep escalating.