Spain: State of Emergency Declared Because of Coronavirus

You can’t blame the Spanish.

Their country is so far south that they are unaware of the existence of Sweden.


The Spanish government has declared a state of emergency in the Madrid region, making it possible to impose new anti-coronavirus lockdown restrictions, against the strong opposition of the local government.

Tensions have heightened between the center-left national government and the center-right regional government over how to fight the new wave of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez issued a 15-day lockdown order on Oct 2. Madrid President Isabel Díaz Ayuso took the issue to court and a judge in Madrid ruled in her favor. So Sánchez followed up with the emergency declaration.

The new restrictions limit freedom to travel outside Madrid and eight other nearby cities that are showing an increase of infection and transmission.

Police will enforce the restrictions, according to Noticias. Only people who have to travel for work, school or an emergency will be allowed to leave the nine cities and gatherings, even outside, will be limited to six.

“A total lockdown in Madrid isn’t possible,” Ayuso said at a press conference. She said the restrictions “create chaos,” and confuse people. She’s open to working with the national government, she said, but “we are asking for clear and simple rules.”

Everything I told you was true: this entire hoax is just going to keep getting more and more extreme.

The people have adapted to being abused, so the government is just going to keep on abusing them.

There is no situation in which they give you back your freedoms and your rights without you demanding it.