Spain: Shitlord Restaurant Trolls Vegan Faggots

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2017

Don’t like this? I thought you were a vegan?

Part of the PC culture foisted on us by the Jews is to be “tolerant” of whatever bad decisions other people make. This includes homos and other perverts. But increasingly, it also involves catering to the delusions of the mentally ill, such as trannies, or the self-destructive, like the morbidly obese.

You have stores being pressured into having tranny bathrooms as well as access ramps for fatties who need their forklift to move around.

The children tipping over these fatasses are even portrayed as the “bad guys,” smdh.

At the intersection of mental illness and self-destructive eating disorder, we have veganism.

How do I support my vegan athlete? “Put him in a home.”

The Local:

Any meat-averse diner will know the perils of ordering a meal in Spain where the de-facto national dish is jamón and even salads come liberally sprinkled with the stuff.

But one British holidaymaker’s experience – shared on Twitter – perfectly illustrates the tribulations of being vegan and attempting to visit a traditional restaurant to savour the local cuisine.

“Oh, I want to savor your local cuisine, but tell the chef to completely change the way he cooks everything though.”

What nerve these people have. If you have an eating disorder, stay at home and make your own damn food.

How the hell is a cook supposed to prepare food for people who only eat grass or whatever?

Typical vegan diner.

When sisters Georgina and Gabbie Jarvis, from Leeds in northern England, were holidaying in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol last week when they decided to visit an establishment that promised to ‘cater to vegans’.

Well, that actually makes this pretty funny.

These people are straight-up trolling the mentally ill. I can’t even imagine the level of pure hatred they must feel against vegans.

Feeling cheerful after spotting a vegetarian pizza on the menu, the 17-year-old’s hopes were soon dashed when the chef explained it contained egg. However, he promised to whip up a vegan alternative instead.

But when the dish arrived, it was [sic] quite what hungry Georgina had in mind.

Her sister posted a photograph of the salad plate consisting of roughly chopped raw tomatoes and red onions – which came with a price tag of €7.


Serves her well. These people are insufferable.

No, but seriously, veganism is pretty nutty. The only way this diet was ever even viable was through tons of supplements, importing exotic foods from all across the world and obsessively managing micro and macro nutrients. There’s nothing “normal,” “natural” or healthy about it.

And there’s certainly nothing moral about it either. Those who think that killing animals for food (or just taking their eggs and milk, in the case of vegans) is wrong, yet killing plants is perfectly fine, are delusional. Plants don’t want to be killed any more than animals do.

Plants actually communicate with each other, have communities and react to their environments.

All living things predate on others in order to survive and prosper. That’s just the reality of life. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be humane and treat other living things well. But allowing yourself to waste away, or spending all your time and energy following an insane diet, just to make yourself feel better about animals is a mental disorder.