Spain: Police Officer Kneels on Neck of Screaming 14-Year-Old Boy for Not Wearing Face Mask

Spain has decided to go full Virus Regime, and it is now a common occurrence there to witness police brutality towards people who refuse to wear a face mask.

They’ve set up non-compliance to social distancing and other coronavirus measures as something no different than directly threatening people’s lives, and so they treat people not wearing face masks as criminals caught for attempted mass murder.

One can only imagine what they’ll do to people who refuse to get the coronavirus vaccine if this is what they do to people who refuse to wear a face mask.

Daily Mail:

A Spanish police officer pressed his knee down on a 14-year-old’s neck to restrain him after he caught the youngster without his face mask on properly.

One onlooker could be overheard shouting at the officer, ‘don’t squeeze him so hard’ as he used the controversial George Floyd-style restraint while the youngster screamed in agony on the pavement.

Another female in the crowd gathered round the policeman branded him an ‘abuser’ and ‘b*****d’ as he used his hands to press down on the boy’s face to keep him pinned to the floor.

A second policeman was then filmed asking for the ID of an older woman thought to be the boy’s mum who started criticising the police as they took the teenager away.

He turned round and demanded her name and address and ID documents after police reinforcements arrived and she repeatedly demanded to know why such force had been used against the youngster after he was spotted with his face covering down around his neck.

The incident happened on Tuesday in the northern city of Miranda de Ebro just below Spain’s Basque region.

It occurred just days after six police officers in Madrid were filmed forcing a woman into a police car and hitting her head off the vehicle during an arrest for not wearing a mask.

The restraint the policeman used in the latest drama was being compared today in Spain to the controversial restraint method that led to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in May.

Shockingly, the Spanish boy didn’t die as a result of the knee-on-neck maneuver.

Must have been because he wasn’t on fentanyl.

It was also used by police in Benidorm in July on a sunbather who stripped off to go for a daytime skinny-dip with his dog.

One social media user wrote: ‘This is not the United States, this happened on Tuesday in Miranda de Ebro.

‘The police brutally restrained a boy aged 14 against the ground for not wearing his face mask properly.’

But Miranda de Ebro City Hall, which employs the officers filmed in the arrest scene, insisted today the video was ‘out of context’ and followed an attempted assault on one of the policemen which was not in the footage.

Security Councillor Pablo Gomez said of the video: ‘It’s striking but the response was adequate and proportion to what happened.

‘The images only show the moment in which the youngster is being overpowered and restrained but not the most important thing which is what happened before.’

Explaining to local press the arrest occurred after the boy resisted arrest following an attempted assault with a dog chain on one of the officers who asked him to fit his face covering properly over his nose and mouth, he added: ‘We back the police action and reiterate that only a part of what happened has been published.

‘Before making a judgement people need to know the full version of events.’

The officer filmed restraining the youngster was today said to be off sick with a cheek injury sustained during the incident.

It was not immediately clear what had happened to the youngster, although he is thought to have been released from custody pending an ongoing criminal investigation.

Relatives of the youngster admitted he had been wearing his face mask round his neck when he was approached by police.

But an uncle, denying the teenager had sparked the arrest by trying to assault police and announcing the family would sue, told local daily Diario de Burgos: ‘He was already known to officers and when they saw him they took advantage and went for him like a pack of lions.

‘His mum gave one of the officers a little smack on the back, but it was more of a “ou’re going too far, let him go”.

‘She didn’t kick or punch any police officers as the police report claims.’

What seems more likely? That the boy suddenly decided to attack a police officer who just told him to wear his face mask properly, or that the police are drunk with power and have gone full BDSM, thinking that they’re saving people’s lives by forcing everyone to act submissive?

What about the woman who was dragged into a police car by six officers for refusing to wear a mask? Did she also assault an officer with a dog leash?

These incidents of unwarranted police aggression are functioning in a similar way that the multiple extensions of the lockdown functioned. They’re tiny, shocking bits of what the rulers want society to get used to, introduced little by little in order to ease people into The New Normal.