Spain: No Recess for Boys at Public Schools So They “Know How Women Feel”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2019

The aftermath of the International Women’s Day keeps bringing up hilarious stuff from all around the world.

Life Site News:

While feminists march in cities throughout Spain on Friday, a public school planned to bar boys from their daily recreation period so that they can “know how women feel” about sex discrimination.

According to a document revealed by Spanish journalist Fernando Diaz Villanueva, teachers at the high school in Puebla de Guzman, a hamlet in the province of Huelva, were instructed that as part of the feminist curriculum for the day they were to release the girls but not the boys for recess. They explained that this is to teach them “what women have felt for long periods in history, wherein they have been forbidden to do certain tasks, which is totally unfair but happened. And it continues to happen in certain countries.”

Why should boys know how women felt at some alleged point in history? There’s literally no point in that; it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is the present.

They said that “it continues to happen in certain countries,” but if that’s the case, why should Spanish boys feel what those women in other countries feel? Literally nothing would change because they are not responsible for what women in other countries feel.

In fact, men are not responsible for what women feel. Women’s feelings are completely erratic, random, out of proportion in relation to objective reality, and serve no real purpose.

These are creatures that cry watching TV series or movies.

The whole situation is an insane attempt at hurting boys because they just hate masculinity.

Francisco Serrano, who represents the right-of-center Vox party in Andalucia’s provincial legislature, tweeted his disgust over the school’s apparent sex discrimination. He tweeted, “The principal ordered teachers today to punish male pupils on March 8 by depriving them of recreation time simply because they are male.”

Local media have confirmed with education authorities in Huelva that the school document is authentic. Education authorities say the school principal is “deeply concerned over how the document has been misinterpreted” and denied that this is in no way a punishment for boys. “This is an incorrect interpretation,” said the authorities.

Yeah, they prefer the term “sensitivity training” instead of “punishing males.”

It just has a better ring to it, you know?

Cheetah is not laughing at this.

The whole “you did this to women in the past” thing is absurd. Women in the West today are the most privileged humans in human history (Jews are more privileged but they’re not human) and they’re definitely not suffering of these bad things they say they suffered in the past.

The supposedly bad stuff they’ve experienced in the past is not here today. Only the good stuff remained.

So why are they not thanking us from all of the good things they now experience?

Why are they not thanking us for removing the “bad stuff” and letting them have all of this “good stuff” they experience today?

If they’re going to treat us like evil monsters even when we treat them like capable humans, why bother treating them like humans in the first place?

What are they going to do if we cage them all? Say that men are evil and rant about the patriarchy? They’re already doing that today, and they’re not caged. Besides, we’d also gag them, so we wouldn’t hear them ranting anyway.

This is similar to what happened to Trump. From day one of his presidency, he’s been called all kinds of names and he’s been attacked non-stop by the media. He should have done whatever it took for his campaign promises to be fulfilled, even if it meant turning his presidency into a military dictatorship. The media was already saying that he was a fascist anyways.

It’s too late for him now. But it’s not too late for us.

Moving forward, we should understand the nature of women. They’re not equal to us, and they can be trained to think and defend whatever we want.

We just need to gas all these kikes first.