Spain: Neo-Nazi Party Filled with Hatred Doubles Number of Seats in Parliament

Daily Stormer
November 11, 2019

This is good.

These aren’t quite neo-Nazis filled with hatred, I’m afraid, but this is a step in the right direction.

Daily Mail:

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s Socialists won Spain’s national election on Sunday but large gains by the upstart far-right Vox party appear certain to widen the political deadlock in the European Union’s fifth-largest economy.

After a fourth national ballot in as many years and the second in less than seven months, the left-wing Socialists held on as the leading power in the National Parliament.

With 99 per cent of the votes counted, the Socialists won 120 seats, down three seats from the last election in April and still far from the absolute majority of 176 needed to form a government alone.

The big political shift came as right-wing voters flocked to Vox, which only had broken into Parliament in the spring for the first time.

Considering how these socialist cucks opened the flood gates to their country – not to mention defiling Franco’s tomb – it’s really annoying that they only lost so few votes.

Guess it’s better than nothing.

The far-right party led by 43-year-old Santiago Abascal, who speaks of ‘reconquering’ Spain in terms that echo the medieval wars between Christian and Moorish forces, rocketed from 24 to 52 seats.

That will make Vox the third leading party in the Congress of Deputies and give it much more leverage in forming a government and crafting legislation.

The party has vowed to be much tougher on both Catalan separatists and migrants.

Abascal called his party’s success ‘the greatest political feat seen in Spain.’

‘Just 11 months ago, we weren’t even in any regional legislature in Spain. Today we are the third-largest party in Spain and the party that has grown the most in votes and seats,’ said Abascal, who promised to battle the ‘progressive dictatorship.’

Yeah, people generally don’t like being invaded by infinity monkeys from everywhere.

Obviously, not enough of them dislike it just yet…

Right-wing populist and anti-migrant leaders across Europe celebrated Vox’s strong showing.

Marine Le Pen, who heads France’s National Rally party, congratulated Abascal, saying it was impressive how his work ‘is already bearing fruit after only a few years.’

In Italy, Matteo Salvini of the right-wing League party tweeted a picture of himself next to Abascal with the text ‘Congratulations to Vox!’ above Spanish and Italian flags.

And in the Netherlands, anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders also posted a picture of himself and Abascal and wrote ‘FELICIDADES’ – Spanish for congratulations – with three thumbs-up emojis.

Nice to see neo-Nazis filled with hatred getting along with each other.

Of course – none of these people are actually neo-Nazis filled with hatred, but them winning is ultimately good for us in the long run.

Spain’s biggest problem right now is the Catalan thing, which is a stupid thing to worry about when you’re getting invaded by millions of niggers.

I don’t really know enough about the issue itself and I don’t really care, but those guys really should take a break from all that protesting and focus on the main problem, which is that there won’t be anybody who looks like them 100 years from now if we don’t do something about the ongoing invasion of Europe.

What’s it gonna matter if Catalonia becomes independent or not if all of Europe turns into a mish-mash of Haiti and Yemen?