Spain: Media Tries Desperately to Inflate Covid Death Count – To Almost 0.1% of Population!

A statistically insignificant fraction of the population, made up entirely of the extremely old and infirm, is alleged to have died this year in Spain of respiratory illness – like they do every year.

The problem is that some people are doubting that this is, in fact, a civilization-ending catastrophe, for which we should all give up all of our freedoms and stay home in bubbles forever.

Well, let me tell you folks – this is the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of things, except for the Holocaust. Anyone who says otherwise is probably just Vladimir Putin, personally trolling you from behind a proxy.

To counter this malicious disinformation, the Spanish Newspaper of Record has awoken from its two-hour afternoon nap and suggested that the real number may have been even higher.

It could be all the way up to one in 1,057 people.

Not so Putin now, are you?


Spain’s Covid-19 death toll could be off by 60 percent, according to calculations by the country’s leading newspaper, El Pais, which suggest Spain has the second-highest number of deaths in Europe after the UK.

An El Pais investigation published on Sunday found that the official figure of 28,432 deaths is likely far less than the true number of people who have died with the virus.

Spain’s official death toll only includes people who had a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis, and not those who were suspected of having it but were never tested.

El Pais looked at regional statistics on all suspected and confirmed deaths from the virus and concluded that 44,868 people died with Covid-19. This figure is close to the number of excess deaths recorded by the National Epidemiology Centre and National Statistics Centre (INE) in June. It found that there were 43,945 more deaths between January and May 2020 than the previous year.

Countries tally Covid-19 cases differently, with some only reporting confirmed deaths, or hospital deaths, while others report all actual and suspected cases and include those who die outside of hospital settings.

That’s right, folks.

But to clear it up even further, I’ll break this down in Q&A format, for those who continue to deny the Coronacaust.

Q: Who dies of coronavirus?

A: Every excess death compared to the last year.

Q: Who decides this?

A: Journalists.

Q: Can the death rate increase naturally from one year to another for other reasons, like an aging population, or hospital closure?

A: No. It can only increase because of Coronavirus.

Q: Have there ever been respiratory illness spikes before?

A: No, never. That is why everything must be shut down – or it will continue to spread until everyone coughs to death.

Q: What percentage of the population dies from respiratory illnesses, in a normal year?

A: You are a Russian agent, and I’m sick of your lies. This interview is over.

I hope that settles it for you wacky conspiracy theorist deniers.

We need to wear masks at all times, stay home forever, and inject ourselves with Globalist mystery liquids.

It is the only way.