Spain: Man Pretending to be an Artist Vandalizes Franco’s Tomb

Daily Stormer
November 1, 2018

While not having any realistic chances of making the podium at the Cuck Olympics since Britain, Sweden and Germany have those positions locked, Spain, sometimes referred to as La Suecia del sur, is sure as hell trying really hard.

And I can think of few better strategies than having a large portion of the population in permanent hysterics about a guy who not only saved their country from one of the worst things that could’ve happened to it, but also died decades ago and has 0 influence on their lives or any ability to defend himself.

The Local:

A Spanish artist on Wednesday graffitied the tomb of Francisco Franco, in the midst of a debate in Spanish society and government over what to do with the former fascist leader’s body.

How about leaving it where it is and trying to do something about being invaded instead?

Shouldn’t that be higher on your list of priorities?

Look at all those starving Syrian child refugees

The artist/sculptor, referred to in the Spanish press as Enrique Tenreiro, shared a video on Twitter in which he’s seen kneeling down at Franco’s tomb and spraypainting in red the words “por la libertad” (‘for freedom’ in Spanish) and a scribble of a dove underneath.

Tenreiro was able to finish most of his protest artwork before security personnel at the Valley of the Fallen apprehended him at around 10:50 am local time.

The renowned ‘performance artist’ can be seen shouting “for the freedom and reconciliation of Spanish people, so that no side feels defeated” as he’s dragged away by a security guard.

“I’ve got nothing against Franco, it’s just for the freedom and reconciliation of Spaniards.

“Renowned,” “Artist,” “Artwork,” “Sculptor…”

We live in a world where words don’t really have any meaning anymore.

You guys wanna see some of his other stuff?

“Oy vey goyim, look at that beautiful… ah… ah… erm… Masterpiece!”

And his “performance art” is even better:

The incident is the latest reaction to a fierce national debate over what to do with the body of Spain’s former fascist leader.

Spain’s ruling socialist party wants it relocated to a more discreet spot which Franco’s followers wouldn’t find easy to visit to pay homage.

The dictator’s family would however prefer his remains to be laid to rest in Madrid’s central Almudena Cathedral, a suggestion the government prefers to avoid at all costs.

Why not parade it around like the communists that Franco fought used to do with the corpses of nuns and priests?

Those are the kind of people you’re supposed to feel sorry for.

Keep at it Spain, maybe one day you’ll at least break the top 5.