Spain Legalizes Euthanasia

Here’s another thing for you to watch, as the wheels continue to come off.


Spain’s parliament voted Thursday to approve a bill that will allow physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia for long-suffering patients of incurable diseases or unbearable permanent conditions.

The bill, which was backed by Spain’s left-wing coalition government and several other parties, passed in a 198-138 vote. The conservative Popular Party and the far-right Vox party voted “No.”

The bill will now continue its legislative journey, facing a vote in the Senate where it is also expected to pass. According to the draft of the law approved by the lower house, it won’t go into effect until three months after being published in the government gazette.

“As a society, we cannot remain impassive when faced with the intolerable pain that many people suffer,” Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa told lawmakers.

Spain is following the footsteps of Iberian Peninsula neighbor Portugal, whose parliament approved similar bills to legalize physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia in February. Those bills have yet to become law and could yet face resistance from Portugal’s president.

Euthanasia — when a doctor directly administers fatal drugs to a patient — is legal in Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In some U.S. states, medically-assisted suicide — where patients administer the lethal drug themselves, under medical supervision — is permitted.

A small group of people gathered outside Madrid’s lower house of parliament waving black flags with skulls and crossbones to protest the bill. Groups that support legislation to legalize medically assisted suicide planned rallies in cities across the country to celebrate the passing of the bill.

This is going to develop just like the gay agenda developed.

“It’s none of your business what happens between a man and his doctor in the privacy of the hospital room” is quickly going to turn into the government killing off sick people, and then people who aren’t even sick.

We’ve already seen in the Netherlands people allowed to commit assisted suicide because they’re “depressed.”

Eventually, they will start encouraging it, and it will also be seen as good to stop global warming.

Eventually, people will do it in public, as part of a ritual to save Mother Earth. It will be the I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE! version of ritual human sacrifice, and it will look exactly like the traditional Jewish version.

They are telling us that the most important thing we can possibly do, a thing which is worth sacrificing our entire civilization for, is save the lives of people in their 80s and 90s who are living on borrowed time already. They are also telling us that we need to reduce the population in order to stop global warming. None of this is coherent. They just throw all of this different stuff at you, and it is all designed to serve an agenda that is completely different than what they are presenting you with.