Spain is Going Back Into Lockdown

You have to avoid the sniffles at all cost.

Second lockdowns for everyone.

Daily Mail:

Residents of Barcelona have been urged to stay home and not gather in groups of more than ten in order to fight an increase in coronavirus cases.

But the regional government, in Catalonia, stopped short of imposing a mandatory lockdown for Spain’s second-largest city and said the measures were meant to avoid having to do so.

Residents of Barcelona, which is one of Spain’s tourism hotspots, are encouraged to shop online and only go out of home when it’s absolutely essential, regional officials told a news conference.

Nearly 1,300 more people were confirmed or suspected of carrying the virus in Catalonia on Thursday, the highest daily increase in weeks.

Barcelona is where most of the new cases have been identified, according to the region’s health department.

The regional government’s spokeswoman, Meritxell Budo, has said that stricter measures such as a full lockdown would only be avoided by reducing social activity and venturing out for essential activities such as work.

‘We must take a step back to avoid returning in coming weeks to a total lockdown of the population,’ Budo said, barely three weeks after Spanish confinement measures were lifted.

Residents had to ‘act quickly and decisively to avoid finding ourselves in the same situation as in March,’ she added.

This is never going to end. Yes, a big part of it is about Donald Trump, but it is also simply about control. No government ever, in all of human history, has had the ability to lock people in their homes.

But understand: this is being done with the consent of the governed. Enough people believe in this hoax that the government is able to enforce it on us.

In order to truly break free of this mass hysteria, enough people have to be aware that coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu, that the lockdown is useless in stopping the spread, that it’s almost entirely very old and sick people dying with the virus and most of those who die are probably dying of something else.

The people also need to realize that freedom is precious, and there is no problem to which the solution is surrendering all of your freedom to the government.

There is virtually no chance of people grasping any of this before there is a massive global catastrophe, so we’re just going to have to do it after the massive global catastrophe.

One thing is certain: when the blood is flowing through the streets, no one is going to be thinking about a harmless flu virus.