Spain: Illegal Moroccans Fleeing Back Home Due to Fake Plague Hysteria

Daily Stormer
April 7, 2020

You’re going to see 2015 in reverse when this hoax is finally over.

Coronavirus is so destructive that these poor children would rather go back to the brutal Syrian civil war in Morocco than stay in Spain.

Voice of Europe:

A group of approximately 100 Moroccan migrants who had been living illegally in Europe returned illegally to Morocco from Spain by inflatable boat last week to escape the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The young migrants each paid 60,000 Moroccan dirhams (approximately 5,500 euros) to get back to Morocco, according to a report at the French portal Fdesouche, which was in turn based on an article by the Moroccan newspaper Al Ahdath Al Maghribia.

As they were crossing the Mediterranean, their boats were caught by large waves and they were trapped at sea for an entire day, according to the authorities in Larache, on the Moroccan coast. They were rescued by a smuggler from Kenitra who brought them to a beach near Douar Akla for 300,000 dirhams (approximately 27,000 euros).

The migrants were fearful of being arrested, however, so they “disappeared into the wild” as soon as they landed on the beach. The local police launched a manhunt to track them down as they were concerned that the men might be bringing the coronavirus into Morocco. They were able to locate some of the men, some of whom were hiding in unexpected places. One was found asleep in a traditional clay oven, according to police reports.

Ah, so that’s why they had to enter their own country illegally, because the authorities don’t want them bringing in Corona with them.

Everyone is taking the crazy pills.

Spain currently has the second-highest number of known cases of coronavirus infection in Europe after Italy, and the highest number of deaths. Like many nations, Spain has also seen an explosion in unemployment as a result of the crisis, which is also impacting migrant workers. This may be driving some migrants in Europe to return to where they came from by the same perilous route they took to get there.

They probably aren’t fleeing the virus. This seems like a stupid narrative created by the media.

They probably have group chats where they’re discussing amongst themselves what this is going to do to the economy, and they’re getting a jump on fleeing that.

Because I can promise you, when the dust clears and people emerge from their homes, Western countries are going to be worse than any third world country ever was.

Getting rid of this filth will definitely be the upside of the collapse. Though it’s probably not the main thing you’re going to be thinking about.