Spain: “Free Our Children!” Campaign Demands Kids be Allowed Outside for Their Mental Health

Pictured: kids in Spain right now.

These lockdowns are a form of psychological torture. No one knows when they are really going to end because governments just keep extending them.

People are getting tired of being isolated and many are starting to ask why their kids have to suffer in order to keep very old people from catching the flu.

Daily Mail:

Spain’s death toll from coronavirus has passed the 20,000 mark but parents and regional government leaders are still calling for children to be let out of confinement in a growing ‘Free our children!’ campaign.

Communities such as Catalonia and the Basque Country are leading the plea to the Spanish Government, saying the mental health of families is being put in danger because of the strict curfew rules which were imposed on March 14th.

They want children to be allowed to play or exercise outside, even if they have to wear masks and abide to strict ‘time slots’ for a limited amount of time and space.

On Saturday, officials said there have now been 20,043 coronavirus deaths, up by 565 since Friday.

There have now been 192,920 infections since the crisis began, up by 4,852 from Friday’s figure of 188,068.

The call is being backed by the acting Spanish Ombudsman, Francisco Fernández Marugán and will be put to Spain’s Prime Minister in the next few days.

The communities involved want the ban on children to be lifted when the next phase of the State of Emergency comes to a close on April 26th.

Pedro Sanchez has already indicated that the order is likely to be extended until May 10th.

That would result in about two months of lockdown.

It is absolute lunacy.

Catalonia wants children to be able to play with limited time slots but they would have to wear masks.

Ombudsman Marugán agrees some kind of easement should be put in place for children, with space and time limits and in a controlled manner as is already happening in other countries.

‘This would be a positive move provided there are no technical objections,’ he said.

Minister of Health, Salvador Illa said he recognised the sacrifice that it means for children to stay at home and not go out but says it is necessary to act with the ‘maximum prudence’ and that when there is a decision in this regard, the Executive will announce it.

Yes, children must be sacrificed in order for old people who are about to die to live just a little longer.

It reminds me of something.