Spain: Femen Shows Up to Franco Memorial Event, Gets Shit Beat Out of Them, Then Arrested

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2018

Femen showed up to a rally in commemorating the 43rd anniversary of General Franco’s death in Madrid on Sunday.

The three nude activists – one of which was a disgusting whale – had “legal fascism, national shame” written on their titties.

Turns out the response was “legal woman-kicking, national pride.”

Generally, Femen shows up for their naked tantrums and everyone looks at them like “lol, what the…?!?!” and then they are dragged off by police.

This time, however, the women were thrown on the ground and had their shit kicked in by locals before the cops showed up to arrest them. I can happily announce that no man who beat these women – even the ones who were on video stomping on them after they were already on the ground – was arrested.

One man was subdued because he attacked the cops try and get some more punches in on one of the women, but they let him go.

Inna tweeted about the thing.

She didn’t bother to complain or even mention the pretty serious beatings her girls received, furthering speculation that this is part of the whole thing – these women are engaged in a type of sexual fetishism, where they enjoy being manhandled.

The EU is claiming that this will be the last event ever to commemorate Franco, because they’ve passed a resolution outlawing “praising dictators.”

I don’t know how they’re defining “dictator,” but they certainly aren’t defining it by levels of popular support.

Can you even begin to imagine hundreds of people rallying to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of Angela Merkel’s death?

Can you even imagine that 43 years after Angela Merkel’s death, any but a tiny minority in the country will recognize her name?

There are very few great men anymore, and women cannot ever be great men.

General Franco was a great man.

May he never be forgotten.

And may the evil savages who are digging up his corpse to desecrate his bones suffer horrors beyond darkest imagination in this life and the next.