Spain: Commie Terrorist Government to Exhume Body of Eternal Hero Francisco Franco

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2018

Franco, you will live forever in our hearts.

Not content to merely destroy the current Spain by allowing the migration of endless hordes of vicious African invaders, the communist filth in charge of the Spanish state are now working to obliterate their nation’s glorious past as well.

Being motivated primarily by their unwavering drive to destroy and debase, these traitors are endeavoring to desecrate the grave of Spain’s greatest hero, Francisco Franco.

In the past, the defilers of the dead where considered the worst criminal scum. But under democracy, these same people are called upon to lead the nation.

The Guardian:

Spain has taken another step towards dealing with the legacy of the civil war after the government approved the exhumation of the remains of Francisco Franco, which have lain in the Valley of the Fallen mausoleum near Madrid since his death in 1975.

Franco already dealt with the “legacy of the civil war” by just slaughtering all the leftover communists of his era.

What they’re doing, instead, is just accelerating the arrival of a new civil war. Have they learned nothing? Or do they think they’ll win, this time?

Do these commies have a death wish? Or are they simply blinded by revenge?

The council of ministers voted in favour of the move, which was opposed by the rightwing People’s and Citizens parties. However, the decree only needed a simple majority to pass. The Socialist party of the prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, the leftwing Podemos and the Catalan and Basque nationalist parties all voted in favour.

Pedro Sánchez – he’s lucky Franco didn’t execute babies for being communists.

The decree means that after a dispute lasting many years, the removal of the former dictator’s remains will go ahead, probably later this year, despite opposition from Franco’s family.

His grandson, Francisco Franco Martínez Bordiú, said: “The government has taken this opportunistic, cowardly and vengeful decision. This is just a trick to win votes for the left.”

Pablo Casado, the leader of the People’s party, which emerged from the reformist wing of the old Franco regime, criticised Sánchez for “reopening old wounds” in an effort to “cover up the fact that he is incapable of governing”.

All of those things are true.

Leftists can’t govern, they’re cowards, opportunistic and vengeful. Everyone knows this. So why are they in power?

Could it be that democracy was a bad idea? Maybe Spain needs to look into other forms of government that don’t put worthless pieces of garbage into government?

Democracy was a brief, 40 year experiment in Spain. It failed. Time to find another Franco.

The Citizens party, which is going head to head with the People’s party for the rightwing vote, also criticised the move.

“It seems that some want to return to the fratricidal battles between reds and blues, of confrontation and division, which is what bipartisan politics likes,” said Albert Rivera, the party leader. He claimed this type of politics was as obsolete as “listening to music on cassette or vinyl”.

Well said.

Indeed, listening to music on cassette or vinyl is obsolete – like communism.

I strictly listen to music in the form of mp3 files and YouTube videos. In the same vein, I strictly prefer autocratic populist governments, rather than dusty parliamentary nonsense.

While the opposition argued the decision would only reopen old wounds, these have never healed for millions of Spaniards.

While Franco has lain in splendour 37 miles (60km) outside Madrid, until recently, an estimated 140,000 of his opponents lay in unmarked graves around the country, buried where they were summarily executed during and after the civil war. The last of these executions was carried out in 1975.

That old codger continued to execute commies until his dying breath. That’s how you know you have a keeper. He wanted to make sure the country wasn’t subverted after his death, so he did a service to the nation by cleaning it up of all its sewage.

God bless Francisco Franco.

Those who would disturb his eternal rest will be cursed by the Gods for their hubris.