Spain: Cats Cucked! Leaders Arrested! Referendum Annulled!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2017


Still don’t care about this.

I did for a minute when I was on their registrar.

But then they kiked me.


The Spanish Constitutional Court has unanimously annulled the Catalan Referendum Law, approved by the region’s government ahead of the recent independence vote, according to a court spokesman.

The Catalan government responded immediately, with spokesman Jordi Turull saying the decision was “fast,” while “the mandate of the referendum continues.”

The court ruled “the law encroached state powers regarding popular consultations,” and that it “violated, among other constitutional principles, the supremacy of the Constitution, national sovereignty and the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation,” El Pais quoted the decision as saying.

On Monday, two leaders of pro-independence groups were detained in prison without bail as part of an investigation into alleged sedition. Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart from the National Catalan Assembly (ANC) and Òmnium, respectively, have been jailed on suspicion of organizing protests ahead of the vote.

Their detention, though, is said to be a judicial matter, not a political one, according to Spanish Justice Minister Rafael Catala. The Catalan government reacted angrily, calling it “another episode of democratic disgrace.”

The investigation will look into the suspected role of Sanchez and Cuixart in staging the protests on September 20 and 21, which saw thousands of demonstrators taking to the streets and impeding the searches of government buildings, according to the judge.

Meanwhile, the High Court took away the passport of Catalonia’s Mossos police chief, Josep Lluis Trapero, who is being investigated for the same offense. Trapero’s forces are accused of failing to help national police officers who were blocked inside a building in Barcelona by protesters.

Following the vote on October 1, Catalan leader Carles Puigedemont signed a declaration of independence but suspended it to facilitate a dialogue with Madrid.

The central government demanded that the region clarify whether it had declared a breakaway, giving it a deadline until Thursday for Puigdemont to say “yes” or “no.”

The reply it gave on Monday was deemed “not valid” by Madrid, threatening to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy under Article 155. However, the Catalan authorities remain adamant and say they “won’t give anything different” on Thursday.

I will note that the Jews have not come out and endorsed the Cats like they did the Kurds.

And Eurokike media was shilling pretty hard against the vote.

I will also note, again, that the stupidity of Madrid’s belligerence in this matter is very much working into the hands of the rebellious Cats.

If I were them, I would force more viral police beating videos somehow. Because otherwise, the international audience is going to stop caring about this and by default Madrid will win because they are the ones with the power.

Or who knows. Maybe the Cats will go full-IRA.

But you know. Probably that won’t happen.

The Irish are a special sort of folk in modern Europe. And the English, regrettably, are a special sort of cuck in modern Europe.

I don’t think the Cats would have the balls to bomb anything and I don’t think it would motivate Madrid if they did.