Spain: Catholic Bishop Investigated for Trying to Cure Faggotry

Daily Stormer
April 12, 2019

You have to be a particularly evil kind of goy to not see how beautiful this is

I was shocked when I read this, to be honest.

The Catholic Church actually let slip through their ranks a guy who isn’t a faggot!

The world is just turning upside down…

The Local:

The Bishop of Alcalá de Henares is under investigation after it emerged that conversion therapy courses which told homosexuals to “pray away the gay” were being held in his diocese.

These pseudo-therapies practised also on minors, have allegedly taken place since 2009 when Juan Antonio Reig Pla became the city’s bishop.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind this wasn’t anything hardcore.

They weren’t electrocuting them, or waterboarding them or some other fun thing like that, it’s just Bible studies and crap…

Say what you will about Christians in America but at least some of the Churches there are willing to electrocute faggots, which you can’t really say about any Church here in Europe…

These ‘therapies’ were highly based on religious practices and carried out by people affiliated with the diocese: according to Samuel (a pseudonym), one of the men interviewed, therapy sessions also involved studying the Bible and praying. “[After each session] the therapist made us kneel down in front of a sanctuary, posing her hands on my shoulders and head,” he told

‘Therapeutic’ approaches – carried out either in one-on-one or group sessions – also involved asking participants about masturbation, porn and sexual preferences.

That’s literally all they were doing with them – talking.

And keep in mind – the people who call this “abuse” are the same people who think children being brainwashed into pretending they’re the opposite gender – THERE’S ONLY TWO OF THEM FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!! – and mutilating their bodies until they look like a parody of said opposite gender is “beautiful.”

Look how perfectly normal this is, you stupid goyim

Regional authorities in the Community of Madrid launched an investigation into the allegations as such therapy is in breach of Article 70 of the law against LGBT-Phobia.

From a legal point of view, these ‘therapies’, when carried out on minors, were also in breach of the Ley Orgánica de Protección del Menor (the Organic Law on Minors’ Protection), which establishes that parents, guardians and public authorities have a duty to respect minors’ rights from possible attacks carried out by third parties.

What attacks?

What are these people talking about?

Not only are these kind of practices “anti-scientific and dangerous” according to Spain’s General Council of Psychologists, but also can have severe consequences on the subjects’ mental health.

Samuel started to hurt himself and had to go to therapy to deal with what happened to him. Samuel and the other men were told that they were not masculine enough and they had to be subjected to conversion therapies in order to find it: he was told that his way of talking and walking was too feminine and that he had to repair his masculinidad herida (his wounded masculinity).

These are men who feel the need to stick their dicks in other men’s assholes, they’re already as crazy as you can get without cutting your dick off.

How is telling a man to act like a man not common sense?

According to Gabriel J. Martín, a psychologist and expert on LGBTI issues, these techniques are extremely dangerous, as they invalidate the person’s way of loving and having sexual relations and result in the person repressing their sexuality and identity.

The investigation generated an uproar, with people demonstrating in front of the city’s cathedral and institutions distancing from the diocese.

The “uproar” was a protest of around 100 people, no doubt organized by whatever (((NGOs))) are in the area.

There was also a counter-protest of around the same size in support of the Bishop, as you can read about in Spanish, but this English language site I’m quoting didn’t feel the need to mention that for some reason.

On April 2nd, Alcalá de Henares’s city council issued a statement in which it reiterated its support to people’s sexual and civil liberties and deemed intolerable that “these pseudo-therapies” take place, as they are actively against human rights and the 2017’s law against LGBTI-phobia approved by Madrid’s assembly.

The (the Observatory Against LGBTphobia) also took a strong stance: it demanded the Alcalá bishopric to be excluded from receiving public funds and subsidies.

The diocese responded that the accusations were fabricated by the newspaper and defined them as fake news and as a “montaje teatral construido ‘ad hoc’” (theatrical production built ad hoc).

Of course they cucked, because why wouldn’t they cuck?

It’s not like the rest of the church would bother supporting them…

If you do the Christianity thing and are worried about burning in hell, I warmly recommend switching to… Almost anything else, really.