Spain BLACKED 2024: Suicide by Moor; (In Depth, In Images): The Iliad of Mohamed, a Brave Jihadi

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2018

Over the weekend, the Aquarius landed in Valencia, Spain.

Roy Batty wrote a pretty good article on that, but I’ve been covering this with laser-focused rage for the Spanish audience, so I’m going to dump that content here. This is going to be exhaustive.


Spain is fucked.


It started, of course, with a deceptive whitepill.

According to the Italian ministry of the InteriorItaly received 119,310 refugees in 2017, down from the central Mediterranean route in 2017, down from 180,380 in 2016.

When Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s “neon not-see” LEGA party, became Minister of the Interior this year after months of struggling to form a government with the eurosceptic Five Stars movement, he was confronted with a simple question. Was he going to allow Italy to continue to be slowly africanized, or not?

On behalf of the Italian people, he gave his response.

This was great for the Italian people, but it also created a certain problem.

There is a giant international network dedicated to moving third worlders into Europe.

This is a faceless global society of finance oligarchs, in which zionist jews own a controlling share, with a huge apparatus to move people into Europe, not just the sea routes, but the land routes, dude. How do you think some guy with no money from Bangladesh just shows up into Texas?

(((They))) are moving these people.

Italy was just a part of this operation, a portal into the greater European union. With their refusal to bend the knee, they needed to find another country with a government that despises its own people so much that they would be willing to unleash history’s most destructive biological weapon upon them.


After all, look at all these poor babies- who are all legal minors, by the way, and suffering from PTSD.



Much refugee.

8/10, would sink.

This boat of aspiring welfare queens could not, of course, just go back to where they came from.

The show must go on.

Naturally, the Zionist Occupation Governments of Spain and France started nipping at each other to be first in line to receive this ENRICHMENT. Even the Commielonia government, despite having had their ideas of insurrection clobbered out of them for the time being, made its own independent drive to signal about how much they wanted to get BLACKED.

Ultimately, Spain won.

Spain has won the war against itself.

Step aside Macron, you creepy, dead-eyed son of a bitch.

There’s a new European Psycho on the block.

Enter: Pedro Sánchez.

Conveniently, Spain got a new socialist government, 16 days ago. This Sánchez guy, he looks like a fun guy, snappy uniform and everything, but he’s a dirty commielonia sympathizer and all-around European-style Socialist and a bloodthirsty sociopath with an unquenchable hatred for the Spanish people.

Pedro “Don’t fuck with me, you dirty Spaniards” Sánchez.

So, as he stepped into power, Pedro “Dirty” Sánchez took a long, hard look at the demographics of Spain, and he thought to himself, “What’s wrong with this place?”

The world bank estimates that Spain’s birth rate is 1,32. This means that each new generation will be about 2/3rds the size of the previous one.

Spain has about 41,5 million nationals, including the growing “Moors with Spanish Passports” demographic, as well as 5,7 million foreigners on legal visas, and God only knows how many illegals.

Every year, 327,000 people leave, usually Spaniards looking for better work, and 417,000 “New Spaniards” come in, mostly africans and moors looking for pensions.

In blue, the number of people in retirement has climbed 2% a year, while the red line shows that the number of people in primary education (IE, children 6-17), has dropped around 1% a year with falling fertility.

The number of foreigners in Spain shot up in 2000 from not really anything to just “let’s see how high we can fly lol”.

So, this guy, Sánchez, looks at all of this, deeply troubled, day and night, thinking, “God, these birth rates, what can I do? The future of bull racing and classy guitar music is in jeopardy.”

He considered Spain’s immigration laws.

62% of the immigrants who are put in detainment centers for being illegals are ultimately released back into society, because the Spanish government cannot verify who they are, or it does not have effective diplomatic channels with those countries, and they can’t just drop them off the coast of Nigeria in inflatable boats and tell them to go that way, because, you know, that wouldn’t be very humanitarian, or whatever.

It’s very similar to the way that the United States will send Mexicans back to México, but anyone from a third country can just walk free with a date in court they will never show up to.

The only people that Spain really sends back are Moroccans and Argelians, because Morocco and Argelia are immediate sea neighbors. All the Africans and Middle-Easterners get to stay.

So, one night, pacing back and forth in his taco-shaped oval office, Sánchez froze.

“¡Ay, Caramaba!” he exclaimed to himself, as his sombrero fell to the ground in awe.

Of course.

Pedro “Dirty” Sánchez knew what Spain needed.


The government announced that it would take this boat of 639 people, the Aquarius, and a bunch of evil, bloodsucking infertile old cat ladies and the occasional cuck in middle management government positions under this Sánchez axe-murderer type started falling over themselves to see how best they could appease their Jewish masters in this upcoming media spectacle of treason and cuckoldry.

This freaky, lisping beaver with Forrest Gump ears is Ximo Puig, which is a really weird name I’ve never seen anywhere before, and to be honest, he looks like a faggot. But he’s also the mayor of Valencia, where the Aquarius landed, and you can imagine how delighted he was to coordinate the reception of these aspiring welfare queens with this evil, bloodsucking catlady.

Monica Oltra, the vice president of “Equality and Inclusive Politics”, whatever that is, appears to be heading up the “INFINITY NIGGERS” branch of Equality. Her gaze makes me fear for children left alone with her.

This rat-faced, turkey-necked female defense secretary, Margarita Robles, actually sent the Spanish armada to escort the boat. Like, in case it got attacked by pirates or something. I don’t even know.

This evil, disgusting, hook-nosed butter golem, Ada Colau, who for some reason is the mayor of Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, decided that she wanted to take 100 of these negros and sick them on the Catalonian people for her own entertainment.

Because, you know.

Gotta git dat signal.

She is actually quoted in a newspaper, as saying,  “It will be Europe which drowns” if this humanitarian crisis could not be resolved.



Then, this blood-sucking, also conspicuously hook-nosed witch decided that Madrid should spend 300,000 euros in public money to build a monument to refugees.

Manuela “Red Lipstick On A Corpse” Carmena, Mayor of Madrid

Naturally, the obvious jokes about “using the Spanish people’s money to build a monument to the refugees who will also receive the Spanish people’s money through services and pensions” were made. These 639 people will all receive a lowball estimate of 1,000 euros a month between housing assistance and pensions.

(629 Africans) x (1,000 euros) x (12 months) = 7.5 million euros in the first year, just for this boatload.

And that doesn’t even take into account the 2,300 or so people who went down to process them, police, medical, etc.

But then, a deeper question came to mind:

How do you even make a monument to refugees? What would it even look like?

This, maybe?

I asked Google, and it turns out that the Germans had tried their best at “Moorish statuary”, because, you know.

Never forget the six gorillion.

I just don’t see it. They look like chimps if you show them with no clothes, and if you show them with clothes, it’s awkward, because they still look like chimps.

Maybe they would go for a neoclassical touch in this monument to self-destruction?

Now he just looks like the Old Spice guy.

I just don’t see how this could even work, but, whatever. Thanks, Spanish taxpayers.

Of course, the French were getting a little antsy, seeing all this signalling.

Because, you know, Macron likes a bit of enrichment, himself.

For personal reasons. It’s a French thing. You probably wouldn’t understand.

So, France offered to take in any of the Aquarius refugees that wanted to go to France. Just, you know, if they wanted to. Because he’s cool like that, and France teh original freedums and democracy.

Desperate to not be left out of this ravenous feast of nigger-love signaling, this perpetually deebly goncerned vagina-faced monstrosity, Carmen Calvo, who for some reason is the deputy prime-minister of Spain, made a big show of working hand in hand with le French Ambassador Womyn to coordinate it.


The Moroccans and Argelians will probably go to France because they might actually get deported from Spain.

Africans, as a people, tend to just laze around wherever they are, as long as there’s food, until there’s no food, and the government isn’t sending them anywhere.

With all this disgusting signalling- France, Spain, and Worst Spain IE Commielonia all tripping over each other to get some VIBRANT DIVERSITY- the Jewish ONG network that moves these people around just could not contain their enthusiasm any longer.

With so much salacious build-up, they prematurely blew a load of 933 other Africans onto Andalucía, the southern coast of Spain, on the same day that the Aquarius was supposed to land in Valencia, on the eastern coast, but was delayed.

It was up to 1,290 people by today.


England, 1969.

Spain, 2018.

Fortunately, there was exactly one photogenic girl in this landing of nearly a thousand people, so about half the photos of this event were just of her.

Great job, Spanish Lugenpresse!

They did, however show some larger scale images of these aggressive, horny military age african males with economic expectations that exceed their productive capacity, further down, in an adjunct gallery.

Godda git me dem gibs

Got me sum gibs

Sad moor when no gibs

The thing is, when we add the two numbers together, that’s like, two thousand people in three days.

Spain has received about eight thousand refugees in the whole year.

This marks a dramatic escalation in population transfer.

This is consistent with the 180,000 people/year that Italy received in 2016.

We are kicking this bitch into overdrive.

Spain is on a one way trip to the future.

The future,

is niggers.

At this new rate, if the volume of population transfer to Italy is replicated, this could meet an additional 180,000 “refugees” per year, into a country with 41,500,000 native europeans in it.

That’s an additional 1% of the population, in negros and Arabs, every two years and a couple of months.

To put this into perspective, the United States has a 12,6% black population, and look at all the problems they cause. You have no idea. I tried writing some racial crime anecdotes before I got moved to doing big boy articles and pertinent content adaptations like this, and I looked at this website for some racial crimes, and saw, like, ten horrible violent crimes they had done, just in the United States, just in one day.

If you don’t see the problem with an additional 1,2% blacks in three years, click the bloody link.

Look into hell, and leave your fear behind.

It’s the same everywhere. So many countries have had africans already, they have the data and they know what will happen but (((they’re))) doing it anyway. Even back when it was slave ships, it was always (((them.)))

Brazil, Colombia and the United States have all had negros for a long time. More recently, Chile, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden have got to try this, too.

This has a predictable outcome.

Imagine what Spain would become if this trend continued for ten, twenty, or forty years.

Spain is getting megafucked. Plz help.

It feels bad guys. It feels really bad.

I don’t want this.

I can’t make this stop.

I don’t know how to make this stop.

If this continues at this rate, and reaches the rate of migration that Italy was receiving before this move, this will permit africans to inroad an additional 2%+ of themselves into the total population of Spain in five years, while the Spanish population continues to sharply decline.

Faced with the prospect of imminent death, the people ran out into the streets to celebrate.

El País:

María José Talaverano, 36 years old, works at a football camp in Castellón, and if she convinces her boss to give her a day off, she will be one of the first faces that the 630 passengers of the Aquarius fleet see when they disembark in the port of Valencia. Talaverano has been a volunteer for the Red Cross for two decades, and is the coordinator of the psychosocial team which is mobilized in emergency situations like this. She’s never done something “so big” and she’s nervous. Her work starts with a simple “Hello, welcome, we’re here to help”, but it continues during the 48 hours of the first phase of the reception. “It’s important to be present. We have to facilitate their arrival and explain to them that this desire they could have to cry, shout/scream or run are normal in their situation.”

The army of volunteers, doctors, psychologists, translators and support personnel adds up to nearly 2,300 people. Among them are 400 translators, 120 autonomous police and a hundred national guard to patrol the waters and make sure no one jumps from the boat. There will also be 356 functionaries and officers of the national police to identify each one of the passengers. Almost 200 of them will go from Madrid.

A bunch of insane bleeding heart old ladies to go FEEL FEELINGS AT THE NEGROS and some national patrol boats to run LITERAL SUICIDE WATCH just in case some negro decides that maybe it shouldn’t ruin Spain again after all and the Spanish government has to intervene because it CANNOT LOSE ONE INFINITELY PRECIOUS CARBON SNOWFLAKE AFRICAN LIFE.

Look at all these smiling beta people, fam.

Why do they hate me?

What did anyone ever do to these people, to make them want to flood Spain niggers?

Of course, this gross bald harpy decided to write a gushing human interest piece, “The Odyssey of Mohamed, A Brave Child” in El País, which is basically The New York Times in Spain, in terms of both reach and Jewiness.

I couldn’t make it past the title without vomiting into my own soul.

Maybe she was thinking, “Odyssey lol like an epic voyage lol epic (audible menstruation)”.

So, sure. The Odyssey is an epic poem which is a stylistic and narrative sequel to the Iliad, the oldest surviving epic of the Greeks. It makes sense as a blind attempt at being absolutely subversive, to reduce the poetry of Homer, the foundational mythology of Europa, to the level of “oh, africans want to live on european pensions, so epic, much brave.”

Because, that’s what these newspapers do. That’s what these women, who work for these newspapers do. They see a big spectacle moment which announces that the socialist occupation government has decided to sacrifice the country to international jewry, and they pet their little cats and munch their carpets and they take the symbols of who you are and they rub them in shit.

It’s great as an insult to western history, coming from an insolent bald harpy, for whom our patience has its limits.

But then, I thought a little longer about it, and, wait.

Isn’t the Odyssey just a continuation of the Iliad, the original and more influential epic, which tells of the struggle of a group of men who took a great voyage in a boat to a foreign land, with the explicit purpose of besieging their cities and forcing their people into submission?

After they used trickery to convince their enemies to open the the gates of the cities, they proceeded to kill, rape, loot and burn the enemy city, and return home, victorious, with their loot, their slaves and their war brides.

It’s an epic story about traveling to an enemy land, and then killing, raping, robbing and burning foreigners.

The longer I think about it, the better the comparison.

“The Iliad of Mohamed, a Brave Jihadi”


The old, patriarchal Ulysses.

The new, diverse Ulysses.

The old, racist Achilles.

The new, vibrant Achilles.

The old, slut-shaming Helen of Troy.

The new, underprivileged Helen of Troy.




We are back at this point again, but this time, the gates are open.

There was not enough resistance within Spain. Not like what is within Italy, Greece, Poland and Hungary.

There was not this:

There was only this:

Thin numbers. Too many old people and women. Not marching, just standing around.

A bunch of cunts with 1.3 children, and a bunch of only children, lived their lives and didn’t care.

As things proceed to get worse in Spain, more people will become aware of it and opposed to it. The influence of the Spanish version of Daily Stormer will continue to grow, because the Spanish people will increasingly need it.

For now, there is no effective resistance. Things will continue to get worse until the people’s patience reaches its limits.

I need a Spanish and Portuguese writer to expand our reach to White people worldwide who are under the same attack from the same people. Please, send the Stormer some crypto, so we can at least pay third world wages to some of /ourguys/ in the economic hellholes of Brazil and Argentina, and expand the reach of this platform.

Things will get worse until people wake up.

Pathos has become the idol of the cult of this new state, and the people are hypnotized by it.

The time when we made monuments to Strength and Achievement is gone.

The time when we built monuments to our own Dominion is behind us.

Now, Spain will build monuments to Weakness.

Now, Spain will build monuments to Diversity.

Now, Spain will celebrate Decline.