Spain: At Least Three Killed in Massive Explosion, Government Claims Gas Leak

A gas leak, huh?

Pretty serious explosion for a gas leak.


At least three people were killed and eight injured Wednesday in an explosion caused by a suspected gas leak in the heart of the Spanish capital, Madrid, according to the city’s emergency services.

The blast, which occurred in a building on Toledo Street, caused widespread damage, according to video footage tweeted out by the Madrid city hall emergency information service, Emergencias Madrid.

Images from the scene showed a section of exterior wall had been torn off several floors of the building, leaving rooms exposed to view. Debris covered parked vehicles and the street below, and a mangled metal street sign could be seen on the ground.

At least four floors have been impacted by the explosion and firefighters are evacuating people from the area, the service said.

The building could be at risk of collapse, Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida told journalists. “Various people are being treated, (for injuries) of various severity,” he said.

Those killed were an 85-year-old woman and a man whose age was not immediately known, a spokesman for the emergency services told CNN. Two of those injured were taken to the hospital, one suffering from a broken ankle, he said.

It could be a gas leak. It could also be something else.

I think at this point, both the media and government will cover up Islamic terrorist attacks, if they are able to.

Pretty soon, they will have the absolute ability to cover up anything, and thereby shape reality itself.