Spain: Antifa Murder 55-Year-Old Man Because He Wore Spanish Flag Colors

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2017

The J-left Antifa degenerate pictured above is a murderer. His victim is a 55-year-old man who made the mistake of drinking in a bar by himself in the colors of his national flag.

To show what a joke the Spanish justice system is when reining in its J-left irregular army, the psychotic criminal Rodrigo Lanza only did five years for a 2006 political gang attack so brutal it left the victim paralyzed from the neck down!

Naturally, this anarchist junky globalist has finally killed someone.

Antifas kill and seriously injure people all over the world all the time. The Jew media talking heads who claim they don’t while calling a car accident in Charlottesville “domestic terrorism” are just propagandists who support Antifa.

When Pavlos Fyssas got stabbed in Greece after trying to jump a Golden Dawn member, it was international news. This case, on the other hand, will be ignored, i.e. covered-up by Jew-run wire services like Associated Press (Steven Swartz) and Reuters (Stephen Adler).

El Pais:

A 55-year-old man died in Zaragoza on Tuesday night as a result of the beating he received outside a bar last week by a leftist radical who didn’t like the suspenders he was wearing; they were in the colors of the Spanish flag.

The alleged attacker, a 33-year-old member of the Barcelona squatter movement named Rodrigo Lanza, had already served a five-year sentence for assaulting a local police officer in the Catalan capital; that victim has been a quadriplegic since 2006.

This latest assault took place at around 2.30am in the early hours of Friday outside El Tocadiscos, a bar located on Antonio Agustín street, in Zaragoza’s old town district, the local daily Heraldo de Aragón reported.

Víctor Láinez, 55, got into an argument with a group of people inside the bar. He was alone at the time. Witnesses said that the attacker and three other individuals began yelling at Láinez and calling him a “facha,” short for “fascist,” because of the red and yellow stripes on his suspenders.

When Láinez walked out of the bar, two individuals came running after him. Witnesses said that Lanza struck the victim on the head with a metal bar; he and his accomplice then kicked the man several times as he lay unconscious on the ground before running away.

Láinez was admitted into Hospital Clínico with severe head damage and four blood clots that left him brain dead. He died on Tuesday after being taken off life support.

On the night of the attack, the National Police launched an investigation that focused on radical left-wing groups in the Aragonese capital. Lanza was arrested late on Monday. His accomplice was held, then released.

Sources familiar with the investigation said that eye witnesses provided a description of Lanza, who was also seen at a different bar where he paid with a credit card.

A blood-thirsty commie pig drinking on his daddy’s credit card: imagine my shock.

This guy is apparently a faggot as well.

This kind of cowardly violence is why Antifa must be confronted rather than debated. In a fair fight, they either run away or fold. They’re like a good poker player with a lousy hand: call their bluff and pull their card and you see how weak they really are.

These are the globalist auxiliary force. They don’t have any politics they believe in, they are driven by personal vendettas against individuals in the short term and non-Jewish white people/heterosexuals/Christians in the meta sense. They hate people, not ideas.

Which is why they must be confronted. With the elites and state (Antifa’s benefactors) losing grasp over power, it’s a matter of time until the people and communities they terrorize show them what everyone really thinks of them.