Spain: 113-Year-Old Woman Beats Coronavirus

When I say the coronavirus is a “hoax,” what I mean is that it is greatly exaggerated, and that the government and media have tricked healthy young people into believing they could die from it. I also mean that the lockdown is completely inefficient in accomplishing its stated goal, and we should have quarantined the vulnerable instead of quarantining everyone.

It’s not in doubt that the coronavirus is killing a fair number of old people.

However, healthy old people are able to recover.


A 113-year-old woman – believed to be the oldest woman in Spain – has recovered from the coronavirus, officials have said.

Maria Branyas was diagnosed with Covid-19 after the country went into lockdown in March.

But after weeks in isolation, Ms Branyas recovered, having suffered only mild symptoms.

It means she has lived through the flu pandemic of 1918-19, the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War and the coronavirus.

“Now that she is well, she is wonderful, she wants to speak, to explain, to make her reflections, it is her again,” her daughter tweeted.

Born in Mexico in 1907, she moved north to San Francisco two years later and arrived in the Catalan province of Girona during World War One with her Spanish journalist father. She raised three children – one of whom recently turned 86 – has 11 grandchildren – the oldest of whom is 60 – and 13 great-grandchildren.

She has lived for two decades at a care home in the city of Olot.

I would assume that if this woman had died, no one would have been particularly shocked or outraged. However, if she had died, she would have been included in the statistics, which the government and media do not ever explain.

The New York Times recently attempted to decipher data about deaths and came to the conclusion that 1/3 people who have died from the virus in America have been nursing home residents. I personally believe that they are likely lying, and that the percentage of deaths that have been in nursing homes could be upwards of 60% of the total deaths. Of course, all of the numbers are useless, since they are not being even a little bit honest about how they record the deaths.

Madam Birx admitted that they include anyone who has the disease and dies as having died from the disease.

We’ve got people falling down and dying of head injuries on record as being included in CDC statistics of deaths from coronavirus.

Also, medicare pays out much more money if you have someone with coronavirus, so hospitals are no doubt hoaxing it. Hospitals are also putting people on ventilators, because they get extra money from that. The ventilators kill people who otherwise might have survived, but they don’t care, because they get more money if they die.

A 113-year-old woman surviving this alleged doom virus should cause some serious chin-scratching.