“Space Fireballs” That Crashed in Chile are NOT Meteorites, Experts Struggle to Explain What Really Happened

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2019

It looks like the Saiyans have finally arrived, which means that we’ll soon have all kinds of martial artist space aliens wreaking all kinds of havoc while searching for the Dragon Balls.

Good thing we’ve prepared for this by feeding all of Africa’s blacks and investing in gender reassignment technology.


When a barrage of fireballs recently rained down on Chile, many assumed it was a meteor shower and moved on. However, analysis has since dismissed that theory and experts are struggling to explain the unidentified falling objects.

The mysterious, fiery phenomena crash-landed in seven locations in Dalcahue City on the Chilean island of Chiloé late last month. They sparked a flurry of blazes which firefighters had to scramble to extinguish.

With meteors now ruled out, those in the know suggest space junk is the most likely explanation for the curious crash landings, however officials say they’ll be carrying out further testing at the sites in a bid to determine what exactly fell from the sky on that curious evening.

If it were space junk, they’d have found some kind of remains and already announced that it was just random junk.

But they didn’t, because it isn’t space junk.

Our only chance right now is to find the Dragon Balls before whatever it is that landed on Chile does.

We can then ask Shenron to get rid of the Jews or something.

I mean, we’re in a pretty tough spot here. An unknown something crash-landed on our planet. Are we prepared to face extraterrestrial threats if this is some kind of incursion or invasion?

These “fireball” things that crashed-landed on Chile are not likely to belong to any of the known ayy lmao factions that are currently touring Earth with their UFOs.

Maybe the ayy lmaos on Imperial Star Destroyer UFOs will help us fight, as they seem the most friendly towards our cause.

But what if they don’t help?

Our next best bet would be to hope that super androids developed in secret by Chinese scientists are a thing and that they’re strong enough to face hostile ayy lmaos.

On the off chance that this isn’t an invasion, we should be grateful that we’re granted more time to prepare and stop messing around with pronouns and genders.

There’s a whole universe to face and a whole lot of Jews to gas.

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