South Sudan: Racist UN Peacekeepers Abandon Their Posts After Gang-Rapes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2016


It’s simply unbelievable to me that in 2016 we have female UN aid workers who refuse to accept that South Sudanese culture is exactly the same as European culture – better even – and will abandon their posts simply because they harbor a hatred for the Blacks and their vibrant customs.


Some UN peacekeepers “abandoned their posts entirely,” failing to “live up to the protection mandate” and care for civilians in South Sudan in July, a rights group says. It adds that peacekeepers refused to help as rebels raped at least five aid workers.

On July 11, up to 100 rebel soldiers attacked the Terrain compound in Juba, where they “proceeded to rape and gang rape at least five international aid workers, physically or sexually assault at least a dozen others, and execute a South Sudanese journalist—apparently because of his Nuer ethnicity,” the report by Washington-based Center for Civilians in Conflict (Civic) said.

Although several departments within UNMISS received information about the attack shortly after it broke out, and a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) was ordered to respond, “no QRF ever tried to leave the UN House gates, however, with at least the Chinese and Ethiopian battalions refusing to go,” the report said.

The group added that although UNMISS secured assistance from South Sudanese authorities to help the QRF navigate the Sudan People’s Liberation Army positions on the road, “the contingents still were unwilling to try to intervene.”

At one civilian protection site in Juba, Chinese peacekeepers “abandoned their posts entirely withdrawing into the core UN House base,” the report revealed.

Absolutely shameful.

These people need our help.

Sudan is only poor because White people did colonialism on them hundreds of years ago – and we will abandon them simply because we disprove of their unique cultural heritage?

I just really can’t even.