South Korean Disney+ Actress Dies at 29 – No Cause Given

Damn, that’s a rough looking bitch.


Kim Mi-soo, a South Korean actress who appeared in the Disney+ series “Snowdrop” and Netflix’s “Hellbound,” has died at the age of 29.

The budding TV star and model’s death was announced Wednesday in a statement from her agency, Landscape Entertainment.

“We’re having to share an extremely heartbreaking and sad news. Actor Kim Mi-soo has suddenly left us on January 5,” the statement reads.

The agency has issued a plea to people to refrain from spreading rumors and speculative reports. No cause of death was given.

“The bereaved are currently extremely heartbroken at this sudden grievous news.

“We sincerely ask to refrain from sharing rumors or speculative reports, so the shocked and saddened family can reverently commemorate the late actor.

“The funeral will be held in private in accordance with the family’s will.

“We hope you would pray for the late actor to rest in peace, and once again, we send our deepest condolences to late Kim’s last journey.”

Kim’s death comes just weeks after “Snowdrop”– a political drama set amid the 1987 democracy movement in South Korea — premiered on Disney+.

Of course, everyone is going to say “vax.”

You’re not allowed to work at Disney without the vax, and South Korea is highly vaxed with mRNA vaxes.

I don’t just make claims like this as such, but a claim I will make is that healthy 29-year-olds do not just die randomly, and she must have been healthy, or they would have listed a condition when they announced her death (and there probably would have been record of any potentially fatal condition before that).

Also, drug use isn’t really a thing in South Korea

So, basically, there is pretty much a 98% chance that the death was either a result of:

  1. Suicide
  2. Vax complications

Women don’t kill themselves very often because they are so solipsistic. But East Asian women kill themselves at much higher rates, and she wouldn’t be the first Korean female celebrity to have done so.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what specifically happened to this bitch, because we know that young people are dying left and right from the vax.

Along with all of these celebrity deaths, all-cause mortality is skyrocketing everywhere in the world where the vax is being rolled out.

These numbers are getting such widespread attention that it’s gotten to the point where the establishment is now attributing them to secret virus deaths.

This is at the same time that even High Priest Fauci is admitting that the deaths have been vastly exaggerated.

So, hey – whatever!

My thing is that it will be great when everyone who took the vax is dead.

A lot of people who seem to know what they are talking about are claiming that these heart problems are going to start really manifesting over the next five years, and wipe out about a third of the vaxed. A third, of course, is not enough – we need total vaxed death.

No excuses.

Just die.

All of you.