South Korea Recorded More Deaths Than Births in 2020 (For the First Time)

Feminism is a mixed bag.

On the one hand, it turns women into completely irredeemable whores, with an insatiable drive to totally wreck society. On the other hand, it totally destroys the family unit and collapses the birthrate.

Life is a game of gives and takes.


South Korea recorded more deaths than births in 2020 for the first time ever, raising fresh alarm in the country which already has the world’s lowest birth rate.

Only 275,800 babies were born last year, down 10% from 2019. Around 307,764 people died.

The figures prompted the interior ministry to call for “fundamental changes” to its policies.

A declining population puts immense strain on a country.

Wait – what?

I could have sworn that the media ordered us to stop breeding because it was changing the weather, making it hotter, and everyone was going to get all sweaty.

I just – I could have sworn I heard the media say that.

Apart from increased pressure on public spending as demand for healthcare systems and pensions rise, a declining youth population also leads to labour shortages that have a direct impact on the economy.

Last month, President Moon Jae-in launched several policies aimed at addressing the low birth rate, including cash incentives for families.

Isn’t that actually white supremacy, though?

Or did I miss something?

Under the scheme, from 2022, every child born will receive a cash bonus of 2 million won ($1,850; £1,350) to help cover prenatal expenses, on top of a monthly payout of 300,000 won handed out until the baby turns one. The incentive will increase to 500,000 won every month from 2025.

Largely, it’s because in South Korea, women struggle to achieve a balance between work and other life demands.

It sure is a shame that encouraging women to do anything other than breed caused them to stop breeding in every country with an average IQ over 95 (except for in China, which doesn’t count because China is evil and cuts out the organs of Moslems).

Anyway, it’s whatever.

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