South Korea, A Nation That Refused the Lockdown, Reports No New Cases of Coronavirus

In Korea, the women are thin and lovely. And the government doesn’t do a controlled implosion of the economy because people are scared of catching the flu.

Neither South Korea nor China responded to the virus with the lunatic “lock everyone in their houses – especially the healthy!” agenda that was pushed on the stupid, fat GOYIM of the Western world.

Both of those countries have now solved their problem, while we are talking about remaining in lockdown forever.


South Korea, which waged an early battle against COVID-19 after the disease emerged from China, said on Thursday that it had no new domestic cases for the first time since a surge nearly 10 weeks ago.

The country experienced its first case on Jan. 20, but didn’t see infections ramp up until mid-February. They peaked on Feb. 29 with 909 daily cases and have been trending down ever since.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported just four new coronavirus infections on Thursday, all of them cases that came from outside the country. That brings the total number in the country to 10,765, with 247 deaths.

Thursday’s milestone is seen as a victory for South Korea, which has received international praise for its handling of the pandemic, with its heavy reliance on widespread testing, isolation and contact tracing to control COVID-19.

Korea did not shut down, instead they just told people to wear masks and stay home if they’re sick or vulnerable.

They also did mass testing, and then did contact tracing.

This was a professional way to manage the virus.

Imagine that we locked up everyone who was healthy, for no reason, when we could have very easily have done exactly what South Korea did, and presumably come to the same results.

Instead, the lunatic Surgeon General told everyone to not wear masks, then when everyone was already infected, we locked down everyone and destroyed the economy for no reason.

Now they’re talking about doing contact tracing, when one in five people in New York have already been infected!

So, we use an extreme form of total surveillance to ensure that millions of people don’t come into contact with millions of other people?

The ship has sailed!

If we were going to actually try to solve the problem now, we would do what Sweden is doing: keep the vulnerable and the sick off the streets as much as we can, and allow everyone else to get infected as we build herd immunity.

But now, to whatever extent the lockdown has prevented people from getting infected – if at all – we are that far behind. There is no way to eradicate this virus. It is going to be here with us, forever, like the flu. They are talking about a vaccine eradicating it – but did a vaccine eradicate the flu?

All of the available data is simply being thrown out completely in favor of the most lunatic idiocy you’ve ever witnessed, with the authorities now saying we’re just in lockdown indefinitely.

Of course, they would really need to keep this going either way in order to deal with the fallout from the economic collapse.

It appears now that the plan was to maximize the disaster as much as possible, and then to continue to do the worst conceivable thing at every turn, to create a totally destroyed society.

There is zero chance that this was not all on purpose, and it appears to be serving a satanic agenda.