South Africa’s “Colored” Community Misses Apartheid and Prefers to be Ruled by White People

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2019

The “colored” community is the race-mixed niggers community of South Africa. Not black enough and not white enough, these are the creatures damned to walk between two worlds without ever belonging to one.

Rejected and discriminated against by the blacker blacks, these half-breeds now yearn for white rule and white people’s justice.

Daily Mail:

In a new South Africa, those from ethnic minority backgrounds continue to feel marginalised.

Despite living in a post-apartheid nation, the ‘coloured’ community, the term which is still widely used in the nation, continue to face discrimination and complaints of exclusion are common.

While the remnants of the system were swept away a quarter-century ago, a sense of injustice has persisted to this very day.

South African mother from the ‘coloured’ community Dalene Raiters, who lives with her family in the township of Eldorado Park, an outlying suburb of Johannesburg, said: ‘It is all about the blacks. The ‘Rainbow Nation’ is a big lie!

Sister Elizabeth Raiters added: ‘Our people live like mushrooms. Four generations under the same roof.’

In total, nine people- soon to be 10 with a baby due- live in the property, which has a small bedroom and a hut in the yard.

Elizabeth applied for social housing to ease the squeeze 17 years ago and failed. She is convinced it is because of the colour of her skin.

South Africa is currently ruled by blacks, and they discriminate against not only white people and white farmers but also against blacks that are not black enough.

All of this should come as no surprise, as blacks also discriminate against other blacks that are just as black as them but from another tribe. One needs only to look at all the tribal wars perpetually going on in Africa to understand that the nigger is a creature of violence and chaos and that it has no real capacity to come together and unite with its kin.

Africa’s track record of never-ending misery is proof of this.

Apartheid legally divided South Africans into groups of whites, blacks, Indians and ‘coloured,’ a term meaning people deemed to be of mixed race.

The ‘coloured’ community itself also comprises of several ethnic groups, notably including the San (bushmen) and Nama -both indigenous to southern Africa.

They are often referred to as the country’s ‘first nation,’ according to Keith Duarte, a representative of the community living in Eldorado Park.

In 1994, when the ruling African National Congress (ANC), spearhead of the anti-apartheid fight, was propelled to power, ‘we all felt that the ANC would represent us, would be inclusive,’ he said.

It was the biggest mistake ever… We need to be treated equally,’ he insisted.

Indeed, whites are the only ones that really care about other groups of people, and we care so much that our countries ended up flooded by all kinds of monstrosities that resemble a human when walking and talking.

Diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance, and so-called “open-mindedness” are characteristically white things. We’re capable of intense empathy, and other groups take advantage of that.

What these capuccino abominations are realizing now in South Africa is that whites are not as bad as they were told, especially when compared to supposedly noble and righteous blacks.

Along with dozens of other nearby residents toting picks and shovels, Mr Van Wyk cleared a vacant plot of land before marking out locations for their future homes with branches.

Violet Bouwers, a woman in her fifties who was also helping to clear land, said:  ‘They say we are nothing. We are b******s. We are not white, nor black.’

Not white but not really black either.

The blacks have all the opportunities,’ complained pastor’s wife Janice Jacobs, 49.

We were much more comfortable during the apartheid. They would provide us a school pack with all the stationery. We had nurses in the schools. There was order and discipline. If you set a place alight, you would end up in jail.

The apartheid government used to look after education, health, housing. (This) government does not look after us. I prefer apartheid.’

Straight from the half-breed’s mouth.

They prefer apartheid.

I prefer apartheid too, and I’m sure you do as well. It allowed two groups to coexist without stepping on each other’s toes, which compared to the insanity we have today… sounds pretty great.

As the creatures that experienced both apartheid and post-apartheid nigger rule are telling you; segregation was never a bad thing. The South African “colored” community already realized that.

Now it’s time for white people to realize that too.